A dream worth dreaming

They said.. 
"If you’re going to dream for something, make it big, even if it’ll be the most impossible thing that one can reach in a click, because dreams are free and unlimited, so why not make the most out of it?" 
Yes? No? You decide.

Just like any living individual here on Earth, I have a dream, and that is to find a job in the best chillaxin’ place for me. Actually I got in. I did everything I could to finish all requirements, find time to attend necessary dates for the orientation, picking up uniform, cards and such. Everything went smoothly. I even told myself that, God really gave me this and I have to be the best that I could be. BUT… have you heard the saying “Every good thing has a bad flip side”

My work was a fast paced kind of job, and yes, I have asthma. Moving fast made me uncomfortable and doing this one task about coffee made my breathing hard and heavy. Is it worth to take the risk, most especially if it’s a medical condition? It was hard to decide if I’d continue or not, but the fact that my dad passed away 2 months ago whom I share the same medical condition with, made me come up with a stand that I have to stop.

All of a sudden, I found myself thinking what will happen to me? How about my future? How can I save for my future family? How will I help my mother and sister? Huh, Apol? But as my favorite line goes, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”, in a snap I thought, “YES! There’s something more to look forward to. Something I’ll be doing that won’t risk my health and will make my life easier”. I prayed for it and it was granted in a jiffy. 

I tried reaching for the help of my former boss, in a work-from-home business. Although he was hesitant at first; he gave me the chance to prove that I can do better this time. I am really grateful for this opportunity and trust that he has given me. I know that I may not be the best of the best. But, doing something I really love and enjoy will definitely be something big for me. 

I know for sure, my late father is super proud and happy for me right now. I remember him saying that he wants me to work, without leaving my mother alone in our house. So yeah, here it is Papa. It’s coming to life. I’ll be working without risking my health and at the same time be with Mama all day errday. 

Sometimes a dream will always be a dream if reality won’t permit it to be yours. I still believe in dreams though, BUT this time, to dream for what is best for you, something that will completely make a difference in your life without having to risk a thing that might not be worthy after all. Oh, and always be thankful for the people who believe in you and give them not only a hundred percent of hard work, but another hundred of pure love and dedication. 

Journey to the Avon Makeup Council ♥

Joining contests is  really not my thing. For me, the chance of winning is so little and my skills are not that worthy to pass as a winner. But who knows that trying and moving a foot forward became part of my life dictionary?

Looking back almost a month ago (exactly July 26, 2013), I saw a tweet from a blogger that she tried her luck on joining this Avon Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge. Curious as I was, I clicked the link and saw the mechanics. I don't know what I was thinking that time, all I knew was that I filled all the necessary information needed, which include links of a makeup tutorial and a blog post, and clicked submit. 

August 7, 2013: Good News! 

From then on, I forgot that I joined and seemed like I got this memory sickness and never thought that after my Rizal class that I would receive a call from Ms. Mara of Avon Philippines saying that I am part of the semi-finalists of the Blogger Challenge, and they are inviting me to go to the briefing the next day to get our kits that we will be using for the main challenge or the last phase. 

I, then, saw myself screaming and jumping due to extreme happiness and excitement during the phone call. I immediately registered for a 1-day mobile surf and went to the Avon Philippines facebook page and it was LEGIT, I am part of it. *Hooraaaay!* Yes, I bet you know it already, I shared it to my friends right away.

August 8, 2013: The Briefing

The briefing was at Makati, 6pm. I tagged my sister along and left the house around 2PM since we will be coming from Antipolo. We arrived at Ayala Triangle around 4pm and decided to eat our early dinner at Bon Chon. After eating, we went straight ahead to the main office. Upon entering the building, I was really nervous since I don't have any ID with me. I forgot to bring one. I just showed my school name plate and luckily, the security guard was kind enough to let me in. From the entrance, I already saw another semi-finalist, Kaela of http://thefabulosa.blogspot.com/ and got to know each other as we were led by another security guard to the main office. Oh, we also shared one guest ID since I forgot my own ID and have nothing to surrender. *Teehee!* 

It was 5:30 that time when we entered their meeting or board room and got to know Ms. Mara and Ces, who were really accommodating and super nice. Few minutes before the briefing, more bloggers are coming in and had a little talk with them, exchanged links and all that good stuff. 

The briefing went really fast, 30 minutes (I guess!). We were informed with the do's and don't's, deadlines and more stuff we must look forward to. The last part would be signing the agreement and getting our kits. 

After leaving the room, I then saw more bloggers, took pictures and decided to leave Makati through the busy MRT station. Wow. Best thing to end the night. *Kidding!

August 9, 2013: The Makeup Look

I decided to create a makeup look that will serve as my final entry to the Blogger Challenge. I filmed for less than an hour and had good time with the family afterwards. I edited it around 8pm, finished around 1am, but still in need of some minor editing and voice over. I left it undone and slept, since I got school in the morning.

August 10, 2013: Panic Attack

It was a loooong school day that I reached Antipolo around 10pm. I quickly ate my super late dinner and re-read the email about the blogger challenge and surprisingly, the deadline of entries would be August 11, 2013, 12am. WOW! O.O My eyes went super huge, mind's blacked out and heart's pumping like cray. I hit the computer, crying and in panic, recorded my voice and quickly edited my video. Rendering my video took a while that it was already 11pm. I thought I won't be able to make it on time, since I need to upload it on YouTube and it will take some more time. While it was uploading, I sent the link, closed my eyes and wished for the best. 

August 11, 2013: Mixed Emotions

Eyes opened at 3am and saw that my video was already uploaded. I clicked my Gmail app on my phone and saw an email saying that they received my entry! I felt like crying, since I thought I won't be able to hit the deadline. I, then, slept again and woke up around 9ish. Went straight to YouTube, read the comments that my video was broken. My face was pixelated on some parts and the color was not that good. Crying myself out, feeling hopeless and dying. But I thought of one good move, what if I try sending an email saying that I will be sending a new link for my entry since it was not really my fault. It was YouTube, actually. I waited and waited. *voila* I received a positive reply, quickly re-uploaded my video, shrinking it to the lowest format possible and sent it back to Avon. 

Watch my video entry here:

We hit the road, went to Riverbanks to eat dinner. The past few days was really stressful that my body gave up and all I knew was that I am chilling, my bones are starting to hurt and I am scorching hot. Fever attack! Good thing my mum was able to get some meds and it just went by leaving my body with no trace of sickness, though I am still coughing my lungs out.

August 12-17, 2013: Nonstop chatting and sharing

The start of the online voting. Seeing myself reached this far was really unbelievable. I guess, I was able to talk and have some mini chat with my facebook friends just to get votes. Hard time, it was. But totally worth it. I really want to thank my friends who took time to share my entry with their friends and helped me with this contest. The number of votes went high quickly and I remember being on the Top 3. Happy, happy, happy! I was really touched with the support that I received from my family and especially my boyfriend who never failed to leave my votes hanging. Love you to bits, Baby :*

OH, that was the best monthsary gift ever. 
August 17 - we celebrated our 3 years and 7 months of being awesome together 

August 19, 2013: The day my life was changed

This was the day I told myself that, I just have to believe, trust myself and wait for the right time to come. My dream, my everything, here it is! I have it NOW! I cannot believe it, it was surreal and too good to be true. Around 2 in the afternoon, I received a text message that I was "IN" and now part of the Avon Makeup Council. I want to scream out loud and fly across the skies. I never thought God would give me this early birthday present, but he did. 

August 22, 2013: The Official Announcement

YEAH! So today, they already sent out the workshop invitation and posted on their official facebook page the winners of the blogger challenge or the Avon Makeup Council. ♥ I can't explain how grateful and blessed I am right now. 

I love stars, I love how they shine and constantly twinkle every single night. With that, I somehow associate those stars with my dreams: 

Dreams are like S T A R S .
Hard and almost impossible to reach, but stars fall at the most unexpected time.
 All you have to do is wait, live and enjoy life to the fullest and keep believing!

Etude House Princess Academy 2013

The pink, royal poster of Etude House Princess Academy 2013 is really irresistible. No one would ever dare to miss this spectacular event organized especially for princesses. A self- proclaimed princess I was, I grabbed the last chance of winning a ticket or pass for the Princess Academy. One time, big time! I won and to be honest, wasn't aware of it and forgot that I joined, until a friend of mine tagged me. ♥

I went to SM The Block all by myself since I really don't know who I can tag along. Arrived at exactly 1 in the afternoon, perfect time for the registration. Girls of different dresses and killer heels are everywhere. Imagine yourself jumping inside a fashion magazine, that's how I felt that very moment. Registration was no hassle, the smile they flashed while handing me my ticket and tiara was indeed priceless. 

Entering the very pink and girly area, I can't resist going gaga over every booth, but being so smart as I was, securing a seat before lining up became my first agenda. The first booth that I went to was where the pink foodies are. Pink Macarons, Pink Soda, Pink Chocolate and Pink Cotton Candy. No why's and no questions asked, I almost died out of extreme cuteness. 

Went straight to the Pink Photo Booth after eating those cute munchies and had my picture taken while sitting on the royal couch by their official photographer. *Still waiting for the raw pictures on Etude House's Facebook Page* :)

Feeling no boredom despite the fact that I am alone and do not know an individual passing through my eyes. Good sign! Thought of walking through the different booths and read the mechanics before lining up, since I am not really a huge and avid customer of Etude House and saved myself from feeling bad if I won't be able to answer their trivia questions (if it's part of the game). Seeing different game faces with poise and girls jumping and screaming out loud on their dresses is the way how princesses enjoy and show their fun side. 

Tried my luck with the Style Me Up booth and won an Incoco Nail Polish Strip which I found really awesome and fab  at the same time. After that game, the program begun with a dance number from an all male Korean cover group. They were extremely amazing and I admit, hot. 

The program's host was Carla Humphries, who looked stunningly beautiful on her mid-rib corset and sheer, pink tutu skirt. 

Then, another dance cover group was introduced and performed who were called the Black Princess. They looked super cute and definitely danced like Korean girl groups. 

The first speaker was Ryuji Shiomitsu, who talked about "All for Fashion". From the latest trend to different body types and the perfect clothes for each, he managed to fit every important detail one must know to strut her stuff. The one remarkable line he left on my mind and heart was "I prefer girls in heels". 

For the Etude Princess Session: Beauty and Bonding, Bianca Valerio is the perfect girl for it. So star strucked and stunned, she almost filled a quarter of my camera's memory space. While staring at her beauty, I cannot help but to see Jessica Jung of Girls Generation, on her face. 

Just a little information about me, I am obsessed with Jessica

Hearing her tips and tricks adds another information to the beauty-side of my brain. She talked about the difference between the BB and CC cream, as well as how you would apply it using the diamond shape, ways to make your lipstick last, know how to find the great match of foundation shade and a lot more good stuff about makeup! The goddess of beauty, I scream Bianca Valerio. I would definitely purchase a copy of her book for real. 

For the last part, the Pink Artiste showdown. The moment I was really looking forward to because I want to see the very doll like features of Shebby Liquete in person. She was indeed very pretty and looked like a porcelain doll. Very talented and skillful as she was, she won the title that night.

Congratulations, Shebby! Glad to had a picture with you even 
before you hit the stage for the showdown. See you soon! 

Too little pictures yet bountiful memories running in my mind. The day I felt how good it was to be a princess and realized that ..

I am a princess in my own way; all I need is to flash that pretty curve on my face and 
conquer the world with my head held up high like a real princess.

Thanks Etude House! See you next year! :)

Philippine Independence Day Makeup Tutorial

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

Being born and raised in the Philippines, I was taught that June 12 isn't supposed to be regarded as a national event alone, but a significant date to be celebrated and remembered for this day we got our freedom from the conquerors and we stood as one, free country. 

As a Filipina/ Pinay Makeup Enthusiast one way to commemorate this event is to create a simple makeup look that will show my honor and respect to our Philippine Flag. And so, I made this look that has a hue of brown/ natural colors on the lids as to signify as the color of our skins and a bright pop of blue, red and yellow on the lower lash line for the colors of the flag. I even placed a Philippine Flag Lip Tattoo from Fab Beau Luust on my lips to make it look more fancy! 

W A T C H   M Y  V I D E O

L I S T  O F  P R O D U C T S : 

(*) reviews included
Prestige Bronzing Powder in Sunset Glow
MAC Coral Blush from Fab Beau Lusst (http://on.fb.me/11Go2ld)

Milani Runway Eyes in #11 Beach Sand
Fashion 21: 48- Color Palette (Dark Brown and Turquoise)
ELF 48- piece Black Beauty Book (Yellow and Red)
Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
Ever Bilena Brown Eyeliner
Avon Super Curlacious Mascara

Philippine Flag Lip Tattoo from Fab Beau Lusst (http://on.fb.me/11Go2ld)
*Must Try!!

ELF Eyeshadow Brush
ELF Blending Brush
ELF Blush Brush
Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush

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Manila Luzon Inspired Makeup Look (Drag Queen)

If I were to ask about a Drag Queen, I would most likely think of "Manila Luzon". Aside from the fact that Manila is the capital of the Philippines and Luzon being part of the three island groups or major divisions here in our country, I always heard of this celebrity as the one who possess the boldest cat- eye makeup, perfect slender body and yes I admit, fierce.

Being involved in the beauty industry for months now, I have seen numerous of inspired drag makeup looks from Google Images and YouTube makeup tutorials. I may say that they did it really well and put some effort in achieving the perfectly shaped, thin and high arched eyebrows, as well as the face contour and highlights. 

Looking back on the days that learning how to perfectly line my eyes with a liquid eyeliner seems to be a great achievement for me, I never thought that there are too-good-to-be-true existing makeup looks that I will be testing and trying my best to replicate. Although I can say that I am a beginner and skipped a lot of highlights, concealing and eyebrow definition, I still managed to understand and get the idea of this whole drag makeup- it's all about nose contouring, cut-crease and dark, dramatic extended eyes, bright inner eyelid area and the best, bold lips. Next fun fact about it? strut the drag stuff and let your beauty arise from the crowd. 

I may not be as fierce, flawless and gorgeous as Manila Luzon, but I tried my very best to do her eye makeup. Please do check out my YouTube video below:

This was collaborated with my co-blogger and YouTube beauty vlogger, Reynaldo Recio. If you want to watch his take on this collaboration, his link is on the video as well. 


Kokuryu Summer Cake in Jade
Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Vanilla
Prestige Bronzing Powder in Sunset Glow

Fashion 21: 48-color palette (Dark Brown)
Serena Eyeshadow Duo (Black and White)
Milani Runway Eyes #11 Beach Sand
Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow in Opal
Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
Avon Supercurlacious Mascara

Nichido Lip Liner in Blaze
Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color in Vamp it up

I hope you enjoyed watching my tutorial as much as I had fun doing it. 
If you got anymore "inspired" makeup suggestions, please let me know. ♥

Winner of Hey Star Apol's Summer Giveaway!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support that you gave my first ever Blog/ YouTube Giveaway. I never expected that number of entries considering that I am new to this stuff. But heck yeah! :) If I can say "thank you" a million times I would definitely do, just to make you feel how grateful I am to have you guys.

I would also like to thank the awesome sponsor who made everything happened: Lipstick ALL U CAN ♥ Without their generosity this giveaway might not took place. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!

Wet n Wild | Megasparkle Confetti in White Icing 
Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color in Cherry Picking
ELF | Translucent Matifying Powder
ELF Essential Zit Zapper

Nathalia Mangalos

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Mascara Trick: Eyeliner Effect

Eye lids are essential to keep our precious eyes from dusts, small particles and keeps our eyes hydrated and lubricated through the tears it spreads. Along with it's natural purpose, we can also consider the aesthetic function of it as something that frames the eyes, gives definition to one's eye shape and brings out individuality and uniqueness. 

With the modern age like today, using products such as liquid eyeliners, pencil eyeliners and for some, tattoos are so beneficial and is most likely a necessity to each makeup enthusiast's daily routine. Although it is limited to some who happened to have allergies with such products or just born with a very sensitive skin. 

I can consider myself as one of the many who loves lining their eyes be it, winging it out with an eyeliner, tight lining and everything that has a line in it. But somehow, I find it so uncomfortable considering my sweaty skin and oily pores. But just as much as I love it, I cannot say NO to the thing that I love way more than that and it is applying mascara. Mascara application for me is not only for the eye lashes, but also for the water line and eye lids. Through the different techniques I tried, I can certainly and undoubtedly say that it works like a charm and is truly two-in-one. But HOW?

Take a look at the picture of my eye above. (Please excuse le pimple :D) 

The only thing I applied to my eye was just mascara. No tight lining, no eye liners and everything. It looked defined, just as how one would apply eyeliner on the lids to create a perfect definition. This is a proof that everything can be achieved in a just a simple step. Imagine, no more eyeliners, cotton buds if ever you made a mistake or worst, repeating the whole lining process all over again. 

The trick is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 
(1) Start applying mascara on the roots up to the mid-part of the lashes to create an illusion of lined eyes. Just do the shake-y wand effect or just brush the product side-to-side or to be more exact, the left-right motion. :)

(2) With a light hand, apply mascara starting from the mid-part up to the tip of the lashes to add length.

(3) Comb out your eyelashes to separate and even out the applied product.

I created a video on how I did it. You can watch it here:

After the three easy steps, you are now ready to hit the road with your eyelashes done + simply defined eyelids. Let's talk about, less hassle, lesser time to get ready and lighter makeup bag. 

I therefore conclude that eyeliners are for those who want extra- definition or drama to one's eyes.

If you have some more questions and suggestions, please feel free to comment down below 
and let me know what's in your heart. ♥ It would really mean a lot to me. :-)