Love the one that makes you laugh. :)

Done talking with my Baby, a few minutes ago.
Distance. Long Distance. Our Long Distance Relationship

How I wish I could see him more often than talk with him through cellphone or text him every hour. (That's how we spend our bonding time.) I know it's hard. We have faced different problems, but still managed to get back up and continue our love story. But hey, we have celebrated our first anniversary last January17. Because when it comes to love, it is indeed a come what may one.

I may never be the perfect girl for him but I will always be the girl who'll be his confidante, his armor and his one and only. ♥ I see him as my superman and my soul mate. He possesses the perfect attributes I never found on other guys. (Indeed!) I never regret choosing him as my boyfriend and the one whom I address as the guy-who-I-want-to-spend-forever-with! ;)

It's true. There are many downfalls on our story. I remembered myself breaking down and crying all night asking "Why?" and "Do I even deserve this hurt I am feeling right now?" Nah. But then I realized. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship. All (with no exceptions) must learn how to face such instances with courage and strength to be able to withstand all the things that are hindering all the happy thoughts. :bd

Much love and Respect,

Apol :)

The Start of Something New. ♥

I used to keep a blog back when I was in High school (just stopped for some I don't know reason! Heeee :"""">) So, It's good to start a fresh one for this year and the incoming years of my life. My online diary, publicized life planner and confidante. ;)

This is it! Join my life and let's enjoy the ride. :>

- Apol Marie :)