102411: At home with pain :-"

This day was a very fulfilling one. Can you believe it? I cleaned our room. How good was that? From the floor to the bed to my Sister's things and my shoe rack. I am so happy with the result cos I never knew that I have this OC talent when it comes to cleaning. ♥ It's all good now, not a boy's room anymore. :-) There. After cleaning, I quickly took a bath and as I was about to check my Facebook, the internet connection was asleep. Literally. </3 So, I began my sleep-if-you-have-nothing-to-do habit. (Plus, Dysmennorhea's killing me) Err. After a looooong nap, I ate my dinner and helped my little cousins with their homework. Aww, that's me; I am nice. K, Haven't talked to my baby. Bet he was at school today. No unli text. No skype. Just wall posts. Me dead. :'( 

Xx, Apol :*

I just can't believe it ♥

Err. Uhh. Ohh. *Knock*. Bumps. Ding. Ugh. Foreal.

I just can't believe that she followed my blog. ♥ 
(As in super kaduper OMG, Like foreal?!!!)

Yes, so true.
And she is:



She PM'd me on Facebook and told me that she "Followed back my blog" ♥ I felt like I am in heaven. She is one of my favorite blogger in terms of make-up and fashion. I love her to death because .. 
  1. Her posts are so appealing to my eyes. 
  2. I super love how pretty she is.
  3. I envy her sense of fashion and..
  4. Everything about her, actually. 
That is the reason why I went gaga with her message. Btw, She is super nice and appreciative. I bet she's a good friend and 'ze one you can depend on. ♥ I'll forever be a fan, Ms. Ann! :-) 

If you are reading this, 
I hope to meet you one day and I will always support you 24/7. MwaMwa! :* Teehee! >:D<

Xx, Apol! ♥

October 22, 2011; 5 Days Interval October Birthday Bash!

Okay, It's already past 12 (midnight) ♥ And it's my friend's birthday, the last celebrant of our 5-days interval October Birthday Bash! Yeheeey! Don't you just find it cool? Lemme show the list and our (Yes!) pictures;

Francis & Mommy Kim! ♥

Me & Bebe Lheinne! ♥
Aren't ALL October celebrants that good-looking? It shows. Right? :D 
Don't you dare drop a negative one. It's our month! Remembaaaaaah? >:)

October 7 - Mommy Kim 
October 12 -Bebe Lheinne
October 17 - My Birthday!! ♥
October 22 - Francis

To my co-October Celebrants;
I wish you the best-est and I hope we'll be able to celebrate our Birthdays together. Since Francis was not able to attend our celebration. (Only me, Lheinne & Kimoy) :'( Anyway, I know God will never leave us hanging cos he'll forever guide us no matter how easy or hard things may come on our lives. :">

I love you, guys! :* >:D<

Silver Smokey Eyes!


I'll definitely clean my room today!

My haven; More like a guy's room. 

Oh my! I cant even stand seeing my room looking crap the whole time now. I have to clean up everything. It'll be a way to do something worth my time and not to think of eat-sleep-eat :-| I even divided the task into areas. I have my checklist:

[/] Bed
[/] Closet
[] Study Area
[] Make-up Area
[] Random Area
[] Stuffed Toys + Shoe rack
[] Floor
[] Bag rack

So I have to go now. ♥ General cleaning it is! :)


Mid October Updates!
  • My 18th birthday was over. Had so much fun with my blockmates, Highschool close friends and my Baby. We spent an overnight swimming @ 3B Resort in Antipolo City ♥ *T'was deym good!*
  • I love all the gifts I received. No exceptions! :)
  • Baby Coco is getting well after his terrible allergy. But still, his fur, oh my his fur. It is getting unattached to his skin </3
  • My grades were GOOD, so far. But my new lowest rank is 2.25 already not 2.0 anymore :( So sad. But I guess its fine, though. That'll be the final straw, or else my dreams will be ruined and shattered. 
  • I will be starting this TaeBo thing again. I am hating my flabs and the endless eat-sleep-eat routine of my Sembreak. That's not even good. 

Cos I am so back :)

*Yehey!* The long wait's over, 
Sembreak's here + my upcoming debut celeb! ♥ :)

Oh my! I am so glad that I will be spending additional hours for sleep and shopping. 
So just watch out for everything! Love lots, Xx!

October, Baby!

  • I love October because it's my birthmonth and I'll be turning 18 ♥ Legal, babe >:D< Me so happy! You know that's all I ever wanted.
  • I want an Urban Decay: Naked Palette and Sigma Brushes (or any make-up brush)!
  • Still raining. Why? :| It makes me gloomy. *Dammit*
  • My aunt and her family is coming home from Canada by the end of October. Yey! I am so excited cos I haven't seen them for over 3 years, I think.
  • I miss my Baby so much. ♥ Can't wait to see him, again.
  • My Baby Coco is having this terrible allergy on his legs but it's 1/2 good already. I hope it won't last long cos I can't see him in pain. <//3
  • My report in Marketing which was prepared for 2 hours was so successful. Even got applauded. :-)
  • English class was on it's last day last Friday!
  • Practice Set and Finals in Accounting was OVERRRR~
  • P.E's last day this coming week. 
K, I have so many things to tell. But I guess, fingers will be swollen afterwards. I have to update SOON! So, KthanksBye. Xx