Etude House Princess Academy 2013

The pink, royal poster of Etude House Princess Academy 2013 is really irresistible. No one would ever dare to miss this spectacular event organized especially for princesses. A self- proclaimed princess I was, I grabbed the last chance of winning a ticket or pass for the Princess Academy. One time, big time! I won and to be honest, wasn't aware of it and forgot that I joined, until a friend of mine tagged me. ♥

I went to SM The Block all by myself since I really don't know who I can tag along. Arrived at exactly 1 in the afternoon, perfect time for the registration. Girls of different dresses and killer heels are everywhere. Imagine yourself jumping inside a fashion magazine, that's how I felt that very moment. Registration was no hassle, the smile they flashed while handing me my ticket and tiara was indeed priceless. 

Entering the very pink and girly area, I can't resist going gaga over every booth, but being so smart as I was, securing a seat before lining up became my first agenda. The first booth that I went to was where the pink foodies are. Pink Macarons, Pink Soda, Pink Chocolate and Pink Cotton Candy. No why's and no questions asked, I almost died out of extreme cuteness. 

Went straight to the Pink Photo Booth after eating those cute munchies and had my picture taken while sitting on the royal couch by their official photographer. *Still waiting for the raw pictures on Etude House's Facebook Page* :)

Feeling no boredom despite the fact that I am alone and do not know an individual passing through my eyes. Good sign! Thought of walking through the different booths and read the mechanics before lining up, since I am not really a huge and avid customer of Etude House and saved myself from feeling bad if I won't be able to answer their trivia questions (if it's part of the game). Seeing different game faces with poise and girls jumping and screaming out loud on their dresses is the way how princesses enjoy and show their fun side. 

Tried my luck with the Style Me Up booth and won an Incoco Nail Polish Strip which I found really awesome and fab  at the same time. After that game, the program begun with a dance number from an all male Korean cover group. They were extremely amazing and I admit, hot. 

The program's host was Carla Humphries, who looked stunningly beautiful on her mid-rib corset and sheer, pink tutu skirt. 

Then, another dance cover group was introduced and performed who were called the Black Princess. They looked super cute and definitely danced like Korean girl groups. 

The first speaker was Ryuji Shiomitsu, who talked about "All for Fashion". From the latest trend to different body types and the perfect clothes for each, he managed to fit every important detail one must know to strut her stuff. The one remarkable line he left on my mind and heart was "I prefer girls in heels". 

For the Etude Princess Session: Beauty and Bonding, Bianca Valerio is the perfect girl for it. So star strucked and stunned, she almost filled a quarter of my camera's memory space. While staring at her beauty, I cannot help but to see Jessica Jung of Girls Generation, on her face. 

Just a little information about me, I am obsessed with Jessica

Hearing her tips and tricks adds another information to the beauty-side of my brain. She talked about the difference between the BB and CC cream, as well as how you would apply it using the diamond shape, ways to make your lipstick last, know how to find the great match of foundation shade and a lot more good stuff about makeup! The goddess of beauty, I scream Bianca Valerio. I would definitely purchase a copy of her book for real. 

For the last part, the Pink Artiste showdown. The moment I was really looking forward to because I want to see the very doll like features of Shebby Liquete in person. She was indeed very pretty and looked like a porcelain doll. Very talented and skillful as she was, she won the title that night.

Congratulations, Shebby! Glad to had a picture with you even 
before you hit the stage for the showdown. See you soon! 

Too little pictures yet bountiful memories running in my mind. The day I felt how good it was to be a princess and realized that ..

I am a princess in my own way; all I need is to flash that pretty curve on my face and 
conquer the world with my head held up high like a real princess.

Thanks Etude House! See you next year! :)