022412: Am I dreaming?

February 24, 2012

I guess this will be the most memorable day for me. Ask me why! I woke up around 5:50am, knowing that I live at Antipolo, Rizal and study in Manila and have a freakin' 7:30 am class. You won't believe that I spent ONLY 15 minutes preparing for school, I guess that would be 5 minutes on the shower and spent 10 minutes applying make-up? Whoa, I sound disgusting, Okay? K. But then, I reached PUP at exactly 7:28am. ♥ How great!

Oh and by the way, as I enter the LRT, I saw some crowded people and got curious. Oh, they are getting the "Libre" titled LRT news paper. FYI, I don't care about new stuffs on our country, or anything about sports. I just want to see the funny Horoscope predictions. 

"Pero hindi ko talaga alam bakit pilit ko paring pinagsisiksikan sarili ko para makakuha ng Libre!"
and then I knew WHY. ♥ It's because he's there. My prince charming. My love..

 YES, He's MINE! ♥

Okay, going back to my school hurrah. Our professor was early that time around 7:45am she's there already, so she told us get ready for the reporting. I am done with my report, by the way, but they asked me if I could bring my laptop with me. I don't have the guts to say NO, so here is the result:

My wallpaper projected on the freakin' wall.
 I am so gorgois, I know. Don't cha mention it. :))))

After reporting, we went to the laboratory to start our Filipino Desserts. We made Ube Halaya. So below is the picture of the uncooked Ube Halaya. I was not able to take a shot of the finished product but it turned out great and got 92% for it. Whoa. =))

BUT WAIT. Was I able to talk about the real deal about this blog post? Oh, I guess not. Before heading to the laboratory, my classmate said that she saw my name on the list of the participants for recognition.. so my heart went *dug dug dug dug* =)) So, me and my co-nominee peeked through our professor's papers and saw our names with the corresponding medal. OMG! Thank you, Lord! You made everything possible. I immediately text-ed my my dad, mom and sister about it and felt warm with their "CONGRATULATIONS!" ♥ Oh, I even told my boyfriend about it, you know what he said? 

"Ohmy!! =))) Congratulations Baby :* Im so proud of you! :* :)))))" 
I just felt like I am the best-est person in the whole wide world. 

022312: Won a Neutrogena BB cream!!! ♥

February 23, 2012

Spent all day at home facing the computer ♥ Wow, is that a bad one? But I enjoyed it anyway. Started off my day with publishing backlogged posts then find some home-based computer job and luckily found one who's paying through Philippine currency. Also, today is a lucky day for me. Why? I found out that I won My Lucid Interval's Week 2: Neutrogena BB Cream Giveaway. (http://www.mylucidintervals.com/2012/02/week-3-neutrogena-fine-fairness-bb.html) I am really eyeing that BB cream for quite a while now, or I am just in need of a BB cream that's why God lemme have it? Lol. =)) Okay, I even got a chance to watch the live raffle I entered through ooVoo. But being an unlucky girl of random.org, I didn't won. </3 That's alright tho. 

Also, today I am really eager to sell my Blackberry. I just want a phone who can produce good shots and have a faster mobile internet. Hmm. I must have it before our tours. *Crossed fingers* I'll be doing good stuff at school tomorrow. K, byeee! :-*

022212: Ash Wednesday

February 22, 2012

Woke up around 5:50 in the morning and rushed myself on taking a bath and preparing for the morning mass today. It’s Ash Wednesday, Catholics! Yes, we celebrate it every year and this celebration is about the replenishment of our sinned souls. I felt good after hearing God’s great words for his people. I do have the black cross on my forehead, as a sign of taking part of today’s celebration. The black cross is made of the burnt palm leaves which were used on last year’s Palm Sunday.

Let’s go and seize the day, guys!  I am now calling different numbers for our tour. Hoping for a couple of answers! School in a bit.

022112: School Stuffs.

February 21, 2012

Arrived school at exactly 10:01am since we must be there at around 10 am for the processing of ACE form, but then, we started around 11ish in the morning. (But it’s not a big stuff for me) ♥ Made our Front Office activity (rented a computer + research + write) Then filled up the information needed for the ACE form. I even passed the missed requirement for the nomination which is the photocopy of my school id to the officer-in-charge today. (Cross- fingers, Yeay!) Attended Housekeeping afterwards, took notes and went home. I ate my dinner quickly, fixed plates and trashes, faced my laptop and computer to type a waiver, make a master list and tables of information and printed it right away.

Okay, my Tuesday was really jam-packed of school stuffs. But hey, I managed to do it! Hooraaay! So, I just need to do one more task: CALL THE PLANTS for our PLANT TOUR, K, not those growing plants in the garden. Okay? :)

0219-2012: Mass alone & Rain

February 19, 2012

Woke up at around 8:30ish. Supposed to hear mass with my momma at 6 am, but then, it was so cold. I can't even stand and wake up my sleeping nerves. So I decided to hear the last mass of the day with my sister, who apparently was not able to come with me because of her tremendous head ache. :'( Still, I was able to attend mass alone. I do achieved my relief and peace of mind after hearing God's words. My faith was just that high because of God's grace and guidance. 

February 20, 2012

Got up at exactly 9:30 in the morning and felt shivery because of the heavy rain. The rain is still on act right now. Why oh why? Is summer coming or not? I do not feel like going outside nor doing strenuous activities (or should I say I am getting lazy again?) Nahh. Cold weather makes me want to go to bed and sleep all day. Started my day with a cheesy text for my baby. ♥ I just love him that much, Mkay?! 

** Oh, my daddy called and he said, he was able to submit my Nomination for Recognition papers!! OMG. I am so excited. Hoping that I will be able to pass! ☺ Give me good vibes. Let's go! #medal #certificate #stage!!

Sweet Coral-y Make-up look ♥

Even if we are single or in a relationship being beautiful everyday is a must. Why? All of us should attract all the good vibes, kilig vibes and sweet vibes in order to pretty much feel the real essence of the day. ♥ You'll never know what happens next, right? :>

So I made this coral-y make-up look that I made especially for you :)


To start off, apply the champagne color *with a star* on your lids.
Apply a dark coral color on the outer-V of your eyelids.

After that, apply the lighter coral shade on the inner-V of your eyelids.


After doing the first 3 steps:

  • Re-apply the champagne color to give your eyes a pop and make the champagne color more visible.
  • Highlight your inner tear ducts and your brow bone using the champagne color as well.
  • Apply gel liner or any black liner and line your upper and lower lash line.
  • Curl your lashes and place a demi- lash at the corner of your eye. 
  • Apply Mascara and curl again *if you like* ♥ 


Oh and by the way don't forget to apply your favorite peachy blush and lipstick, okay? 
I hope you like my simple tutorial.
Go and rock your date with your loved one ♥

What makes you beautiful (Cover)- Boyce Avenue

This my favorite song, as of now. ♥ 
I really don't know why I love this cover so deymuuuch. By the way, this was recommended by my Paks, a good friend of mine. Truly, this song is so giggly and sweet. With this song, I feel loved and treasured by my special someone. :")

021312: A day before the hearts day ♥

So before anything else, I would like to thank those who are joining my on-going giveaway that I announced from my last, last post. Yipee! Here's the link: http://bit.ly/zXsUBS if you are opting to join /:) 

Yesterday (February 12, 2012) is my Lolo's (Grandfather in Tagalog) 85th birthday! We decided to go and celebrate it with him. We left our house at around 5 o'clock in the morning and after 3 hours we reached Camiling, Tarlac. Reached it that quick because of SCTEX! Anywho. Upon arriving, I was super hungry so I ate loads of good stuff at my grandparent's house and to tell you, they cook the best Papaitan! :) After feeding our tummies, we went to our family's farm at a near town and visited our farm animals back there. Coco really want to play with the goats. Haha! =)) So funny. (Pictures will be up after my sister's done processing 'em). Went home at around 7ish in the evening and updated myself on posts and vlogs, then slept.

For today, I just stayed here at our house and woke up early to curl my sister's hair using curlformers. It's a total fail, by the way. Why? She had this really thick hair which requires lots of hair spray. I do have my styling gum which works good on me, but with her hair, like nah-uhh.

Ooh, It's Steph's birthday today! Go and greet her. ♥ 

Hello Steph! (If you are reading this) 
I am really glad to know you even only through the web. But yet, you really 
inspire me with my blog posts and as well as your taste of fashion and stuffs. 
I believe that there's more to come along your way. Have a good day!
I love you, Steph! >:D<

PRIZES from Jannah + Skye Avenue's Giveaway ♥

Yeah, I won from Jannah's giveaway. I am just so happy about that + I do love the prizes I got from them. Me so happy. Me so happy!! :D

So lemme show you the things I got!
2 Sample Size Sets of BB Cream + Curlformers + Lipstick 

(And yes, I DO LOVE IT!! ♥)

And now, I got them in my hands!! :D

Tho the picture does not give justice to its original color, yet,
this lippie is the best thing evuuuurrrr! :))
Yes, those are the three items I got! 
Thank you so much Jannah! 
Stay Beautiful and Continue inspiring others :">
Thank you, Skye Avenue! 

God Bless YOU! ♥