Update from 'le life

What's new? I am still busy with school but I would just regard this cramming, deadlines and rushing as part of the end-of-semester hurrah. October 20 will be the end of the first semester and we'll be having our sem-break afterwards. I am really looking forward to so some cool road trip, since I will be celebrating my birthday, as well. It will be on the 17th of October ♥ * You know what to do! Kiddd!*

Last Saturday, we had our Bar Management make-up class; Wine Appreciation and Costing quiz. The quiz was easy; since I studied for it and understood everything about it. The Wine Appreciation was super fun and memorable. It was my first time to open a corked bottle, although I was not able to open it the right way. :'( I got Chamdor, kasi. You just have to pull the cork and you are done. Eh, since I was pasaway, I opened it right away, not knowing that it should not pop pala. Boo! I just want to experience the one which is opened with a waiter's friend corkscrew. </3 After that, we had the chance to have a taste of different wines. Hmmmm. ♥

Some pictures:

You, On Full Blast ♥

You, On Full Blast

Berocca will be launching its Twitter account as medium for product information and promotions! =) 

It will be having a Twitter promo which will culminate to an exclusive party with celebrities.


NEW: The Salad Box

Ever heard of the famous Glossy Box owned by Michelle Phan? You get a box filled with goodies (sample/ full size beauty item) plus you get a chance to discover new brands that are of good quality and price-worthy. I am seeing Youtube gurus having unboxing videos, reviews and hauls every month, and I, myself is really envious of it. But now, here's the real deal. My dream's gonna be in reality.. our country, Philippines, is now gonna have... 
"The Salad Box"  

Same concept as the international brand, yet owned by our very own. How cool was that? Wanna how to lay your hands with this beautiful set of goodies? Here's how:

There you go! For just Php 500.00 per month, you're gonna experience different products and get discounts to different partnering companies of The Salad Box! So, what are you waiting for? Join me and the other girls who just want to get hold of the newest and freshest products of The Salad Box :-)

All about the Bar

It's been so long since my last update/ blog post. Yeah.
School was, as always, busy, nerve and head wracking. So many things to do at school plus the requirements. *breathe in, breathe out* But, as always, I am really enjoying school. Since, I already experienced a good Flair Midterm, Declamations, Bar Tour and many many more. You know you are learning, when you are going through different activities and seeing to life how you see yourself putting way too much effort just to get this grade or maintain your academic excellence. 

AUGUST 17, 2012
My nerve-wracking Flair Practical Midterm ♥
Got a 71/100 grade. 
Not bad for a *puchu-puchu* Flair Routine.
Out of the few blessed and lucky people in our class, 
Our Flair Practical Midterm goes this way;
  1. You have to pick from the fish bowl, a piece of paper which contains a cocktail. There are 120 cocktails in all. (You have to memorize all 120 cocktails! or if you are lucky enough like me, I got what I knew.)
  2. You will be given a minute to familiarize the cocktail. Think about the ingredients, procedure, glass and garnish.
  3. Next, you'll be getting the ingredients you need and you must put it in the table.
  4. FLAIR ROUTINE *2 minutes*
  5. MIX your cocktail :)
Although, I wasn't able to make the cocktail perfectly; I forgot to put ice and wrong position of garnish. But still, I passed and that's what is all about. My midterm grade or half sem grade is 2.0. :) Not bad, really! 

AUGUST 29, 2012
Bar Tour @ Area 05 Super Club

We went to Dad's/ Kamayan/ Saisaki/ Sambokojin for our eat-all-you-can buffet lunch :) I was super full and really, really, really satisfied with the desserts and different cuisines I saw and tasted at that place. But just to be sure to fit my outfit for the Bar Tour, I already worn my stuff and had a cover up (sweat-shirt) just so it won't reveal my clothes for the night. The picture above is what I wore during the night. 

Cover-up: Vixen
Statement Necklace: THERAPYBAGS
Skirt: Greenhills

In the name of the Bar,
I am loving my HRM life ♥