Eyelash Extensions and Hair Perm :)

Can you suggest me a salon who's good on doing those services?

Cost cut date ♥

August 27, 2011 ♥

Yeah, I know we're the sweetest. ♥ I know ya guys know that we have a long distance relationship and we're still students, right? But since we missed each other so much, and can't make another day pass without seeing each other, we decided to date -- in a cost cutting mode. The truth about making every centavo count. :)

Foreal, I really missed my Baby :'( It's been a while since we last saw each other. Skype alone is not enough, I am telling you but yet, we managed to make things possible despite of the distance and yes, moolah. Yesterday, he fetched me at school. Good thing, our class was dismissed early. (Around 10am) Met him at Mini stop near our school and took the LRT going to Araneta Center- Cubao. Tho, It was raining we (still) went to Mall of Asia to eat lunch at Mang Inasal. ☺ Since I was so starving that time because of my no breakfast.. I got another 3 extra rice from the roving girl. OMG! Baby's so sweet that he want join me with that additional. In the end, he vomited at the bus on our way back to Cubao. Yuck. Weak guy. Whew~

Then we parted ways at around 5pm. Cos I am really worried that he'll get stuck with the rain-traffic on his way back to Batangas. He left me at the Big Dome then he said, "Later again! Love you :*" Why later again and not goodbye? Cos it's our rule -- We must not say Goodbye, Bye, or wave our hands. Instead we should say, Later again. That's how sweet we are. ♥

That's it. Bet you found this cheesy but hey, It's true :)

Aug 22 2011: Opera Seria ♥

The function, operation, cafe turn-over, Part 1 of everything is over baby! ♥ Yay! Congratulations to me and my groupmates (and imports). Oh yeah, I can say that we made a really great job. Cafe's successful very few at-cost-meals. Like 2 only? Hooray. Our professor did not have a hard time instructing us through out the operation. Cos we're that great. Haha! :)) Here's our pictures. Enjoy!

Been busy. Super busy. :(

Hey guise. It's been a while since my last blog post. I am telling you; School's so stressing and my head's full of pressure and again, pressure. :'( Yet, I have to overcome my weak side; Decision making and Organizing my schedule. Whew. School Coffee Shop operation, Major and Minor subjects midterm and requirements; Everything about school's making me ill. Swear. </3 Hafta get some rest. But somehow, I am enjoying the challenge a studious student is facing. Kdot :)

The cannot-be-deleted-messages from them :)

Yeheeeey! I collected the 4 unforgettable messages I got from them. My wish was granted. I am really happy that I have them around. They really serve as my inspiration. Without them, I won't have enough courage to pursue my blog and most especially, share the facts I know to other people who shares the same interest. ♥

The ever beautiful, Ms. Diane. ♥
She's pretty, talented and generous. Yes, indeed. She inspires me as
well to continue what I ought to do. You know? God is so great to create
kind people who never failed to lend us their talent and blessings to
touch our lives with no hesitations and regrets. :)

Blogspot:  http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/kissenmakeup

Ms. Lindsay Tioco Artillero. ♥
She granted my request for our Social Night: Glam Rock. Aww.
And you know? She never missed or failed to reply to each and every one who
drops by her page and would leave a wall post. She's friendly, beautiful & talented.
I know, God will continuously bless her with many other beautiful things that
life will bring throughout her life. :>

Blogspot: http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/makeupbysaytiocoartillero
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/saytiocoartillero

Ms. Noe Mae Villagonzalo
Confirmation Message that I won her Birthday Giveaway contest.
I was really shocked since I did not really expect to won, but I did. Haha! =))
THAT REALLY MADE MY DAY, just so you know. :)
She also gave me this note along with my prize:
Sweet, indeed. ♥
This note became my inspiration to remain optimistic and face my day with a SMILE.
Thank you Ms. Noe. :* Stay beautiful and I know God will bless you even more for
sharing your life with others. :)

Blogspot: http://colorismyweapon.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/COLORismyweaponbyNoeMae
Youtube: http://www.facebook.com/COLORismyweaponbyNoeMae
Ms. Stephanie Zhu ♥
My favorite vlogger and blogger, as well as her sister Ms. Vivian Zhu. 
I really can't imagine how friendly she was when I tried to add her as a
friend on facebook and hey, SHE ACCEPTED ME.  I even tried my luck to
post something on her wall and hey again, SHE REPLIED :">
You really don't know how happy I was to befriend with a foreign blogger
who treats you as her real friend. *Yey!*

C A T C H  H E R  A T :
Blogspot: http://xstephhunnie.blogspot.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/xstephhunnie
Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/xstephhunnie
Tumblr: http://xstephhunnie.tumblr.com/

Money can't replace those sweet little messages I got from them; I will keep them and forever store it in my heart ♥ Cos without them, I won't have this pretty blog. I swear :]

School Works

I am feeling the stressing, challenging and the mind melting hurrahs of a student. Second year college is quite hard. (No, not quite -- Really, actually). Assignments here, function there. Leader here, leader there. Midterm here, Requirements there. Pay ticket here, pay ticket there. Kdot. I see myself very haggard and stressed since July 2011 started. *OhMy* But I know, I'll be able to finish everything with a big smile on my face. That's how optimistic I am. Really ♥ 


  • Poster and Place mat layout for Cafe Function (Opera Seria) - ☺
  • Time table for Dining Activities (Hello Ms. Dining Manager) - Need to be finalized
  • Centerpiece for the Function - Sample of the Centerpiece before Aug 18. O.O
  • Printing of Poster and Place mat (+ cover)
  • Product Proposal for Hospitality Sales and e-Marketing - Need to be finalized (Hafta change the filling for the "Green Empanada")
  • Group 7's Report: Personal Selling, Promotion, Sales Management - Done researching for the group, have to distribute the topics. Presentation the week after next.
  • English Job Interview
  • ECON Activities
  • MIS Assignment
  • Accounting Assignment
Mkay. God, help me ♥ I know after all these challenges, I'll be able to say "HI" to my Scholarship and Dean's Lister award, still. I believe :D

Want AWZM, FAB && MAKE ME DROOL GIVEAWAY PRIZES? Check out My Kiss & Make-up and La Petite Confiserie ♥

Soo. Yeah. The title says it all, Baby ♥ You really don't know how excited was I to join this contest ever since I saw mykissenmakeup.com's post for her Birthmonth Giveaway or Pre- Birthday or Birthday Giveaway :) (http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2011/08/birthday-giveaway-international.html) Foreal, foreal. The prizes. The prizes. The prizes. Yes, indeed the prizes are very awzm, fab and oh-so-chic. It's a girl's must-haves. Wee. I wont let a second fade my hope onto joining and (hopefully) winning this contest. Lord, help me. This is my dream. 0:) ;">

So, wanna know the prizes they'll give for 'ze giveaway? So here they are..
*Drumroll, please* :)

First Prize:
Too Faced Naked Palette Sponsored By La Petite Confiserie -$35 
Beauty Blender Sponge from La Petite Confiserie- $20
Smashbox Color Correct Foundation Primer- $38
Soap & Glory The Switz Toiletries Bag- $15
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler- $27

Second Prize:
MAC items of your choice worth of $50 (For International Winner)
or You may choose the Rustan's GC worth PHP 2,000 (for Local Winner) 

Third Prize
Sigma Travel Kit Nice in Pink or Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black $49
If you want to see sample pictures of the prizes you can click the link I posted above the list ;)
SO THAT'S MORE THAN $200 WORTH OF BEAUTY ITEMS. How good was that?!!!
I won't really lose hope on winning in this giveaway. Yay. Yay! =)) 

All I want to say is that, I thank God for having sweet, kind and generous children who supports strangers or individuals of the same interest as theirs whom they really don't know personally. I am really inspired by those kind of people who never failed to share the blessings they received from their everyday lives. :*

Good luck to me and my fellow contestants. :-)

COMMENT PLEASE! Opera Seria's Poster and Placemat :">

On August 20 onwards, our group will be operating our school's cafe as part of our Banquets and Catering Procedure subject. Mkay, I'll be the Dining Manager for that span of time. Whew, tiring I know! =)) But I find it very exciting since I am really looking forward to this special day.

Please comment about my edited pictures. Btw, our theme is "Phantom of the Opera" ♥

Picture: www.google.com

Picture: www.google.com


Bodycon Dress from Rachel Zoe Theclosetboutique ♥

Photographer: Paulene Duque
Clothes: The Closet Boutique (http://www.facebook.com/TheCB)

Photographer: Paulene Duque
Clothes: The Closet Boutique (http://www.facebook.com/TheCB)

Photographer: Paulene Duque
Clothes: The Closet Boutique (http://www.facebook.com/TheCB)

Wanna have some fashion fever here. Ah-huh! Ever heard of BodyCon Dresses? Body Contouring Dresses or "BODYCON Dresses" are the never-lost-in-style type of fab outfit that suits all sorts of events. (I swear and I swear) Since it flatters one's figure that will make you stand out with all 'ze eyes of the crowd ♥ 

I really love the style of the dress I bought as an MTO (Made to Order) one at Rachel Zoe The Closet Boutique on Facebook. It's like you can personalize what you'll order, you'll get the chance to choose from the cloth to the preferred length to the additional straps and so and so and so. (Nice huh?) They sell MTO Corsets, Skirts, Dresses, Tube Tops and other Closet Must-Haves in a very affordable price. Plus, the seller and maker is indeed the BEST. She's SUPER nice, friendly and very accommodating. Oh, hey and btw; Most of their products most especially the dresses, skirts and corsets are all for MTO. Meaning: You'll get the chance to wear the perfect outfit that fits you best. How good was that? :)

LINKS TO The Closet Boutique's SITE ;">

I WANT: To try the new Neutrogena Hydroboost Line. ♥

Okay. This is it. I would like to try the new Hydroboost line as reviewed by Ms. Say Artillero on her blog. I am a lil' bit curious if it will work on my skin && such. The review she had was so promising that I want to give it a try if it will have the same effect on my combination type skin. However, I am also open to other products that will be recommended as well to give a trial and error type of judging which works best and which does not. Oh, Blahhhh! I'll save moolah for this. Swear ;">

Btw, this is the link to Ms. Say's review:

K, til next hurrah. (I'll give an update once I started using it and I'll give a few judgement- verdict about ze product. K, Me so excited. Foreal) ♥ Much love ;)

Chef Jessie, Rockwell ;">

So we, me and my groupmates, conducted our restaurant visit for MIS (Management Information System) subject at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Powerplant. It's a bit far for me cos I am not used on going to Makati via public transportation rides. But for the sake of our grade, I took the risk. Haha! Okay, so. The food, ambiance, restaurant itself was really nice. No doubt. It was well maintained and a really classy one. I got some pictures and some clips of 'ze restaurant. ;">

Outside Chef Jessie @ Rockwell Powerplant

Bread and Butter
Mushroom Soup. (It tastes like gravy better with a burger patty *Cheap mode*!)
Vegetable Salad (Two thumbs up for this! :-bd)
Potato + Fish + Beef
I really don't know how it was cooked; but all I can say is:
It's like an ice-cream cake but a lot better I told ya. Can't really describe it tho.
It tastes like Strawberry. ♥
This one also. It tastes like MANGO. I really love itttt~ ;">
We got this as a compliment. Oh yeah. \:DDD/
I think they call this, "Samurai" (Not sure about the spelling)
ANOTHER 10++++ :)

I therefore conclude that they got ze best food ever. The best fine dining experience. The best restaurant. 10++ for the service. 10++ for the food. They were so friendly and very hospitable as well. Even though it costs a little expensive, I am telling you: IT IS WORTH THE MOOLAH :)

The best photo:

With Chef Jessie. ♥

MV: God gave me you :*

From Youtube. Credits to the creator.

"God gave me you to show me what's real. There's more to life than just how I feel and all that I'm worth is right before my eyes, and all that I live for though I didn't know why. Now I do, 'cause God gave me you" ♥

So I found this perfect Music + Lyrics Video on Youtube. I super love this song. Just so you know, this song is a secret one; for I'd like this song to be dedicated to me by the guy who'll be my future. ;"> HAHA! K, so that's how cheesy I am. Love the song, love the video and love your special someone cos in time you'll hear those sweet words: "GOD GAVE ME YOU"=))

My #1 Debut Gift Must-Have: SIGMA BRUSHES! ♥


Being a certified make-up savvy, I want these for my Birthday. This coming October will be my legal year. I want to have ze most unforgettable gifts ever. I don't want grand debut parties, I just want this #1 gift I would like to receive. Hihi! Call me Ms. Feeling Millionaire, I'll commend you even more for that. I wont hate ♥ ;">

Oh God! Ya never know, how I'll forever be grateful for having this wonderful Sigma Brushes which I want to call my very own. Please, please and please let me have youuuuuuuuuuu :">
Also, this Kabuki Brush also from Sigma line. OMG! OMG! OMG! ♥


Still raining~

Why was the sky still dark :( OhMy. Typhoon go away please? ):