January 01, 2012

It ain't the end of the world. K?

Yeay! Let's enjoy the first day of January, 2012. May the Lord give us what we deserve
and in return, be thankful & never deviate his words.

Thank you Lord for giving us another year to live. 
Thank you Lord for everything. 

I'll forever be your humble servant.

OVERVIEW: San San Sponges, San San Matte Foundation, San San Age Defense Pressed Powder


The Make-up with Vitamins The cosmetics and nail polish line of HBC, San San cosmetics are enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, commonly known as anti-oxidants that nourish, protect and give a healthy look to the skin.

Yeah, today I'll be talking about moi  favorite products from San San Cosmetics. (See my disclaimer at the end of the blog post) I, as a person who loves to try and try different products to test out which will best work for my skin and to satisfy myself in terms of quality and outcome, dropped off at HBC after hearing the news about their Christmas Sale. The 3 for 250 deal. I saw 3 different face products and opted to buy them without hesitations along with 5ish or 6ish different HBC products as well. It's the Matte Foundation, Sponges and Age Defense 2-way cake from San San! :)

And you know what? I loved them ♥
(No jokes, No trash talk. You know what I am saying!)

The San San Age Defense 2-Way Cake is my favorite setting powder. You know what? It gives this flawless finish that'll really make your liquid foundation stay matte. It can be used with a wet or dry sponge, either way it'll give you more than what you paid for. It also contains Vitamins A, C and E, as well as SPF 15. This cake powder will give your skin the proper protection from the UV rays and hydrate your skin with different Vitamins along with its protection powers. 

San San also have this triangle make- up sponges which gives your foundation this airbrush-like effect and  those are called as their San San Make-up Sponges *OMG!* Those sponges were great and does their job well, yet the durability and quality of the sponge is not that good. But if you are looking for a great sponge which you can use for about 3-5 times, try San San's. Plus, the sides of the sponge is so great that it can really reach even up to the hard-to-reach areas of the eyes and sides of the nose. I usually spray a little bit of my Clinique Hydrating Facial Spray before using it.

I use my San San Make-up Sponges for applying my liquid foundation, setting powder and 
ALSO, to remove my make-up.  Hmm, curious how I do it? Comment below if you're interested!

My favorite liquid foundation, as of now. San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation in 02. All my life, I did not even imagined myself using liquid foundations. Why? I think it's sticky and yucky. But with this, I changed my perception regarding liquid foundations. (or maybe I can give exceptions, rather.) *Foreal talaga, as in!* It did not gave me any breakouts. It made my skin perfect! I am not exaggerating. If you think I am, I'll make it "improved" na lang. Okay, enough. This product is a 10/10! Plus, the scent is so nice. It's sweet -- buttery and creamy. It's worth trying, ladies! It comes with a spatula for application. With this product, all you need is a scoop of the product (spatula-full) and that's enough to cover your entire face. How good was that? Also look at it's size, so small and handy, very very handy. You won't have any regrets with this product. I am telling you.

That's it for today. I hope you liked my overview of the products I am currently using. 
I'll do a separate review with the application of this products. :-) 

All of the items are bought from my own money. I am not paid or sponsored to do this overview. Pictures are taken from my own camera and all information stated are from my own experience, if not, credits are written below with the direct link of the source. 


Let's celebrate Jesus' birthday :-)
I love you, Jesus! >:D<

Want to buy some preloved clothes? :)

Hello Bellas!
I had officially re-opened my online shop! ♥
Wanna see my first collection of my "Raid My Closet" album?



Review: Fanny Serrano Gel Eyeliner + Fanny Serrano Mini Eyeliner brush

I am fond of using eyeliners particularly the liquid ones. Even though I am not that good on making precise lines yet I am still having faith on these eye liners to give a "bababoom" effect to my pretty eyes. Since then, I really wanted to try gel liners but I am not that sure about the quality of each. So today, I decided to buy and try my luck with this Fanny Serrano Gel Eye Liner ☺
PHP 225.00
As for the packaging; It has this small black box with Fanny Serrano's initials on top. The glass pot where the product contains is really slim and easy to slide to your make-up pouch. The lid is very tight which makes the contents secured. 

 Upon opening the lid, you will see a seal which will give you an assurance that the product is 100% untouched and is not used as a tester. 

The product itself is really creamy and the color is really pigmented. A little goes a long way!  The FS gel liner is not sticky at all. It does not give weird smell and it is not oily as well.

This is the back part of the glass jar.

Last, this is how the side of the jar looks like. Nothing fancy, just the word "Gel Eyeliner" and the weight of the product it contains.

Since I bought a gel eyeliner, the saleslady even recommended to buy the eyeliner brush, since the gel eyeliner does not include any brush. Even though I was hesitant at first, I forced myself to buy it as well because I went gaga when I saw its size. 

PHP 75.00

It is just wrapped with a plain plastic with Fanny Serrano's name printed on top. 

 It is a cute angled brush with really slim brush hairs. I was impressed with the quality of this brush. Tho it was just the size of my middle finger, the way it works will really make you say "Whoa!" As the saying goes, "Set the quality/ value, not the price" ♥

I give both products a 10/10 :-)
I will be posting a lot of pictures using this gel eyeliner for your reference! ☻

December 8: Sick + Shopping ♥

Hello everyone! 

So today is the feast of Immaculate Conception ♥ Tho I was not able to attend the mass, I am still celebrating it with a nice and deep prayer :-) I was supposed to shop with my group mates today but unfortunately, my baby shih tzu was acting weird and he's puking and weak today :T I will be very guilty if I'll leave him sick. After quite a while, my mum asked me if I want to go with her and my cousin to the mall -- to treat her (my cousin) and pay her debt of unlimited time zone + Tokyo Tokyo lunch. I decided to go with them after I knew that my cousin's nanny will be left at home; Lucky, there's someone to look after Coco. 

At Robinsons: My mum went to Robinsons Bank while I went to Baker's Depot, LBC and HBC to;

  • LBC - Pay an Online Seller.
  • Baker's Depot - Look for a pastry bag. I was so happy that I saw one right away. It's a reusable one with free pastry tips which made PhP 520.00 really worth it. 
  • HBC - My eyes went O.O when I saw the 3 for 250.00 deal!! So, I hurried and bought hair products (Bleaching cream, Oxidizing solution, Hair Color cream) and a Sansan foundation. The saleslady even recommended to apply for a card which I got instantly. I will be doing a haul + review about it once I try those products.
After that, we went to Tokyo Tokyo for luch. We ordered Sumo Remix for me and my cousin and my mum ordered Fish .... (K, I forgot). I really love that restaurant. ♥ Time zone afterwards. As I was about to play, I felt really bad. I cannot feel my arms and legs. I was dizzy at the same time. But I thought of "mind over matter". Still, I was able to buy a huge mirror at Vente. Haha! :-)) But my head went worst and I demanded that we have to go. Mum and Ched decided to drop by at Mcdo to buy "pasalubong".

As we arrive our house, I immediately went to the sofa bed and sleep. I got 4 hours of sleep and still woke up with the head cracking headache. I just wanna cry but I cannot. I forced myself to eat and now, I am feeling a little better. 

Too much for my update. I am really looking forward for tomorrow's baking class!!

Don't forget my gift, Okay? 

Just so you know, I am addicted to it.

And this is what you call ADDICTION ♥ 
Can you believe that I watch this video every time I open my computer?! I always have this KV (Kilig Vibes, Haha!) whenever I watch it. Adam Levine was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! + the girls on the ramp were *deeeeyyyym* gorgois and absolutely stunning, as well!!! :)) 

December 5: Headache + Super Internet

I am having this terrible headache. </3 I really don't know the cause of this head trouble, but just so you know it won't stop me from doing the things I love -- text, facebook & yes, watch on youtube. Today was just an ordinary day for me, since I do not have classes every Monday. Did not even opt to go out with friends, refrain from swimming and do the usual, shop. You know this weird mood problems?! I have it on my nerves right now. 

Today was little rainy and literally, boring. But the hell I care anyway. So tomorrow will be our Swimming class + freestyle practical which scares me the most. Yet I know I have the guts to swim and do my best in anyway my body wants to work with that eeeeeky exam. 

December 2: BoomBadoomBoom, Super tired -.-

You know tired? How about exhausted? Those two words represent my mind and body. I really can't believe that only one subject can make me feel so dreadful. It's my major subject -- for 6 hours. O.O 

(1) Reported about Fritters, Custard, Bavarois and Mousse
(2) Bough ingredients at Save More for our surprise Butter Icing laboratory. 
(3) Made Butter Icing ♥
(4) Finished our ending report -___-
(5) Went home at around 2pm.

I just can't feel my nerves, muscles and parts right now. But anyhoo, I feel so blessed that I was able to accomplish everything in a click and was able to finish my tasks for the whole day.I am done eating my breakfast + lunch, slept already and now, facing the computer to keep myself updated! :-)

23 days to go before Christmas!! :""">
Happy Holidays!

December 1: Certified MIA!

I am so sorry. -____-
School, School, School and yes, School. :-"

I have been so busy with school. Although it is not that bad but I am having this guilt of not updating my blog for such a long time. K, not that long. Boo that! School is getting exaggerated with the stuffs they opt us to do, submit and accomplish. Yet, with all hard work and effort I am exerting on every task, I feel so blessed that I was able to finish everything, as in everything. (Except learning how to breathe with that freestyle swimming)

By the way, today is already the 1st of December which means "There's only 24 days to go before Christmas" I am very happy for the fact that I will be celebrating Christmas with my family again, attend the "Simbang Gabi", eat holiday delicacies and receive gift. On the latter part, I am getting this bad vibes that I'll be receiving less gifts </3 Since I am growing old -___-# (Lol). I'll be spending this good amount of money for the gifts I'll be giving for my friends..... and also to my god-daughter/son. Well, that's fine. It's once every year so why not give, share rather than receive and receive right? It's the essence of Christmas, anyway. 

UPDATE: I am having this themed blog posts starting todayyyyyy! :-)

It's getting rainy here on our place and I really do not have any assumptions about it. So that's it for my update and I hope to gather enough time to have my blog updated regularly. 

See you on my next blog post everybody!
Happy Holidays!

I entered Jannah's Gratitude Giveaway ♥

As I was browsing through different blog posts of my favorite bloggers, I came across Jannah's post regarding her on-going Gratitude Giveaway! Link to her giveaway: http://bit.ly/vd2Uze (CLICK!) Yes, she really deserve every good comments and likes on her Youtube Channel and posts. Even if I didn't know her personally, I can see on how she communicate with her viewers and how she respond to comments her great personality which makes her deserving with everything she's been receiving and will be getting in the future. :-)

The prizes she'll be giving to the lucky winners are:
(See pictures on her blog)

Sleek Divine Nude Palette
Pink Kabuki Brush
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Every girl's must-haves! ♥ Thank you for the give-away. I hope you can read it and I am really happy for all the blessings you are receiving! Good luck on your career! :-)

So, What are you waiting for?! Come join her giveaway! 
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Another Big Giveaway!!!!! ♥

So, yeah. OMG! My eyes went completely O.O when I saw the super kaduper fabulous prizes waiting for her new owner who'll for sure, will be so gaga when she land her hands around them. ♥ 

One of my favorite bloggers: Ms. Dianne of Kiss & Make-Up is having her big giveaway for the Christmas season together with Suesh! Yeeepeee! I really can't wait to send my entry to this very fabulous giveaway! I hope for my/ our luck. For sure those things to be won will really make my life complete, if ever. Haha! 

Just follow the simple steps and you're ready to go! :-)
Link to the big giveaway:

(pictures can be found at the link above)

Suesh Portable 3-way Led Lighted Mirror
Value: PHP 8,000 approx $190

Suesh 7pcs brush set
Value: PHP 2,400 approx $55

A Purple Suesh Color Palette

Let's all join and enjoy the holiday season. ♥

1115-2111: Long Update!

November 15, 2011: 
Had our first ever swimming class. This is our last PE for college. Yeay for that. There will be no more strenuous and body sweating activities afterwards. That's good news for me. I am no sporty and I hate being haggard and tired looking. After Swimming, we had Front Office Procedures & Housekeeping which I don't consider  interesting, although it was supposed to be one. In between of the two subjects, Mara tagged me along to the meeting of HMS, an organization of our college, which stands for Hospitality Management Society. I even forgot that I was the coordinator of our section. Boo, Apol :'>

November 16, 2011:
My grandmomma's birthday. ♥ But she stays at the province, so my dad (through cellphone) greeted her for me. Nothing fancy this day, except that we are able to meet our Cultural Anthropology professor! We're so much happy that he was this guy you can giggle and crack jokes with. He looks good, as well. His words are really interesting and more of an intellectual thoughts. I am good with him.

November 17, 2011:
Our 22nd monthsary. We was not able to date even though I do not have class, but still he has his own, so I prefer not to date anymore. Simple SMS is a huge thing for me. I do not need roses and dinners, I only need a greeting and words of appreciation on how our love has gone and see the outcome of our pain and sacrifices.

November 18, 2011:
The most awaited day of almost all Filipinos, the showing of Breaking Dawn. I am not really a fan of the Twilight Saga, that's why I find them weird when I saw FB status and Tweets about Breaking Dawn. Whatever. Am I that cheap? Or I just know what to appreciate? Haha =)) 

Anyhow, we made Sugar Flowers for our Dessert Merchandising. I never thought that it is that easy. You know Sugar Flowers? The candy decoration of the cake, where kiddo fight starts when her playmate got the pink one and you got the blue or when you was not able to get one. All you need are; 3 Egg Whites, 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar and 450g of Confectioner's sugar. Since I already know how to make one, I will make as many as I can to get back the stolen pink sugar flowers from my childhood. 

November 19, 2011:
My cousin's birthday. She's already on her 7th year. Yay! She's my kikay cousin, who happened to idolize me. K, whatever. I was supposed to go to World Trade Center but I was so busy with school. :T I went to my Daddy's office to study Cultural Anthropology, some of my Finance reviewer and Human Behavior Organization's Chapters 1 and 2. But in the end, the first subject professor which was our Anthro was the only one who showed up. How about my effort? ): 

After that we went to Pansol, Calamba, Laguna to attend a mini gathering for my Tita and Cousin's departure who will go back to Canada on the 22nd (tomorrow) and my cousin's birthday as well. The place was nice yet very creepy. O.O I swam and swam until I had no more muscular strength and faced the videoke afterwards. By the way, on the way to Pansol, I was with my Dad, Mom, Sister and Sister's Boyfriend. 

November 20, 2011:
Still at Pansol. Early in the morning my baby cousin (2 years old) was crying real hard and was pointing to blank spaces saying that he's afraid of ghosts. O.O Creepy. He will just point from nowhere and cry. What we did was we prayed the rosary to help him have a good sleep, which was really effective. Thank God! At 6am, we rode my tita's Innova on the way to Los Banos, Laguna to catch the early mass. We attended the Feast of Christ The King at the San Antonio de Padua Parish. The ambiance was nice, but a little sweaty. But It's okay, because it's for our Lord. ☺ 

On the way back to Pansol, we dropped off at "The Original" where you can buy quality and best Buko Pies in town, in different fillings as well. YumYum! :)) Then went back to the private resort to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I did her make-up and hair. She's so pretty. I slept the remaining hours and at 2pm, we left the resort and found out that my Blackberry's keypad was broken. :T

November 21, 2011:
Just stayed here at our house, no classes eh. Still waiting for my baby's text. I have here fish balls & cheese sticks from my cousin who was so generous to give me these snacks. K, I'll prepare my Swimming things for tomorrow and after-class thingys, as well as wait for my Tita, Cousin, Tito and Lola from Tarlac. Because as I have said earlier, my cousin and tita will be going back to Canada tomorrow (early in the morning) and will be staying here overnight.

Pictures will be uploaded on a separate post. Ooh, It's long. Anyway, have a great day guys! :-))

My entry to Fashiomonger's blog giveaway!! ♥


Lemme first say THANK YOU to Nadine Natalin for the invitation to your giveaway ♥

So guys, if you happen to be a giveaway freak like I am, I would like to share you this giveaway who have loads of fab prizes that you'll surely love and adore. I am not kidding!! Me, myself was really WOW-ed when I saw the pictures, since most of it have this "Paris"-feel. You know how I love Paris so much :-)

Here's the link to the giveaway:

All you have to do is follow the steps & *voila* you now have the chance to own the prizes. Yeay!
I hope for my luck, your luck and their luck. 
(That's too much luck, I guess) :-))

Chicago Black Hawks, United Center and NHL tickets at Ticket America!! ♥

Chicago Black HawksUnited Center + NHL
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