Just anotha day ☺

Haven't blogged yesterday since it is quite an ordinary day. Watched TV, play with my Baby Shih Tzu, Eat less (YES!) and do some random online stuffs. Not quite a huge deal anyway. Mmkay. Pig stuff. *Boo-hoo*

05/09/11 ♥

Yesterday was so *damn* cold, foreal. I am not that used in dealing with high temperature nowadays but guess what, we're experiencing a typhoon here in the Philippines. Nuff said. Also, I had a chance to bump into the blog site of Stephanie Zhu and I found her super beautiful. Another enough said. ;) Now, she is my inspiration in pursuing my blog site. I hope I will get a chance to meet her someday. YES! ☺

05/10/11 ♥

Well, Today. I stll have not done anything worthy this day. All I did was send an SMS to my friends and do some random chitchating. Mmkay. That's pretty AWZM deed. ;;) I had fun anyway sicne I missed them so much and I cant really wait til next school year starts. :-)) Random hurrah of a bored little girl.

That's it for today. Whatever. \m/

Much love and respect,

Apol ;)

Just do it! I know I can! ♥

Shed off 25 pounds, 4 inches off my waist and hips :">

Yes, from now on (tomorrow, I mean), I will be meaning to strive hard in achieving my goal. I gotta lose weight. Feel me? =)) Foreal, loves. What is beauty with a bumpy physical? Yeah, I know it's not about the appearance but I want to improve myself; better self-esteem and a new way to start off my school year. Amen to that. I am really determined.

I will shed off those pounds through exercise which I found really nice and effective through my favorite make-up guru and beauty blogger, Say Artillero. The workout is called 600 reps Sexier Body Workout from BodyRock.tv Also, I will cut down my rice intake (Dundundun) and replace it with plain oatmeal and fruits. I'll eat a little protein, fats and sugar, so that I will still have those needed nutrients for my body.

If you want you can join me on doing this life-changing travel of mine.
Yeah? Mmkay! I'll be eyeing on you soon. Ciao!

* Day 1 will start tomorrow, Good luck! :-j

Much love and respect,

Apol :)