013012: Spent my day at home

Yes, I spent my day at home. But I guess I did something productive! Wanna know whut are those? Yeay, Khehe. These things were really on my to-do lists.

  • Take pictures on our new products; "Floral Clips + Scarf Multiway"
  • Receive a parcel of the things I won from Jannah's Giveaway + took pictures of it, as well. :-b
K, by the way. I was really surprised when the delivery boy went to our house and shouting his lungs out the phrase "TAO PO!" (Anybody here?) Goodness, at first I was really hesitant to attend his call because I am scared with strangers. But then, I decided to go out instead. He said, "LBC po for Ms. Apol?" My heart was pounding fast because of excitement! I was asked to sign out few stuffs and the man told me, "Natutulog ka pa ata, Ma'am" (Bet you're still sleeping, Ma'am). I just grinned big and bade goodbye! I immediately opened up the parcel and saw those three beautiful things which I'll be posting on a separate post. ;DD So happy!*

Lunch came and I decided to take pictures of our products and posted it on our online shop on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Steal-the-Scene/113447915413905 and posted a giveaway on my blog: http://starapol101.blogspot.com/2012/01/steal-scene-opening-giveaway.html ! GO CHECK 'EM OUT! :>

Now, I'll be preparing myself for a workout! Bye guys, Xx


I just want to give gratitude with all those people who supported me throughout my online business and my career as a blogger. So now, together with the launching of my very own online shop, I will be conducting a giveaway with my new product which is called as "Multi-way floral clip + scarf". Wherein you can use it by either putting it on your hair, wear as bracelet and as a scarf and many many more! ♥

Find my product at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Steal-the-Scene/113447915413905

 Sample pictures! ♥ More pictures on Facebook!

I will be giving out (3) Floral clips + Scarfs to (3) lucky winners!! 
 All you got to do is to follow my simple instructions:

Long time no update!

It's been a while from my last post. </3 K, I am guilty for being a certified MIA! School's schedule is so hectic that I just want to sleep and do my school tasks after rest. (I am one nerdy right now, ah-huh!) I've been meaning to post my reviews and other beauty related stuffs with this journal yet I cannot find the right time for it. 

Anyway, I just wanna share the highlight of my January, 2012 -- Our 2nd year anniversary. That's what's up! :) I'll be posting our pictures here in a bit <3 Yes, I had fun. Tho we were not able to go to Eco park, yet we chose to bond with our favorite hobby - EATING!!! <3 Food trip = ALL GOOD! We went to Carla's Dad's wake and stayed there for quite a while. I really enjoyed it. 

Although we are facing some arguments today, I know we'll be able to overcome everything. :>

Watch out for my posts! :)

New Year's Eve

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I feel like sharing my new year's eve ♥ 

K, even though it was not the real 'eve' which was the 11-12 midnight one yet I felt really satisfied, happy and complete as my family spent it at Batangas with my Baby. Again, he's from Batangas and we have a Long Distance Relationship. I was so happy to see him again plus ze random chitchatting with my cousins + relatives again after a really long time. That short time made the last day of my 2011 :-) 

Around 2 in the afternoon we bade goodbye to them. Sad part :T 

From 'ze itouch;

From 'ze DSLR;

My cutie bear ♥

Videos + More Photos on my facebook. ♥