A dream worth dreaming

They said.. 
"If you’re going to dream for something, make it big, even if it’ll be the most impossible thing that one can reach in a click, because dreams are free and unlimited, so why not make the most out of it?" 
Yes? No? You decide.

Just like any living individual here on Earth, I have a dream, and that is to find a job in the best chillaxin’ place for me. Actually I got in. I did everything I could to finish all requirements, find time to attend necessary dates for the orientation, picking up uniform, cards and such. Everything went smoothly. I even told myself that, God really gave me this and I have to be the best that I could be. BUT… have you heard the saying “Every good thing has a bad flip side”

My work was a fast paced kind of job, and yes, I have asthma. Moving fast made me uncomfortable and doing this one task about coffee made my breathing hard and heavy. Is it worth to take the risk, most especially if it’s a medical condition? It was hard to decide if I’d continue or not, but the fact that my dad passed away 2 months ago whom I share the same medical condition with, made me come up with a stand that I have to stop.

All of a sudden, I found myself thinking what will happen to me? How about my future? How can I save for my future family? How will I help my mother and sister? Huh, Apol? But as my favorite line goes, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”, in a snap I thought, “YES! There’s something more to look forward to. Something I’ll be doing that won’t risk my health and will make my life easier”. I prayed for it and it was granted in a jiffy. 

I tried reaching for the help of my former boss, in a work-from-home business. Although he was hesitant at first; he gave me the chance to prove that I can do better this time. I am really grateful for this opportunity and trust that he has given me. I know that I may not be the best of the best. But, doing something I really love and enjoy will definitely be something big for me. 

I know for sure, my late father is super proud and happy for me right now. I remember him saying that he wants me to work, without leaving my mother alone in our house. So yeah, here it is Papa. It’s coming to life. I’ll be working without risking my health and at the same time be with Mama all day errday. 

Sometimes a dream will always be a dream if reality won’t permit it to be yours. I still believe in dreams though, BUT this time, to dream for what is best for you, something that will completely make a difference in your life without having to risk a thing that might not be worthy after all. Oh, and always be thankful for the people who believe in you and give them not only a hundred percent of hard work, but another hundred of pure love and dedication.