Get ready with me: Everyday Make-up Look (with video)

Hey thereeee! ;)

I recently uploaded my first Get Ready With Me video featuring my Everyday Make-Up Look ♥ If you wanna watch the video version of it, just click on the thumbnail or link below:

Step by Step:

Pond's White Beauty Day Cream
- I apply the cream before doing my make-up :)

Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra (Honey) + ELF Flat Top Powder Brush
- I set the cream with this foundation. No more liquid foundation for everyday make-up.
Less greasiness and easy to retouch! *Agree? :)

Marrionaud Eyebrow Brush and Eyelash Comb
- Just brushing those hairs in place to keep them looking neat and clean.

Alobon Liquid Pen Eyeliner
- Lining and winging it out a little bit to open up my eyes.

Daiso Long Lash Mascara 
- I need longer lashes, baby. :)

Q-tip/ Cotton buds
- Cleaning out some messed out eyeliner and mascara lines.

Avon Ultra Moisture Lipstick in Lava Love
- Simple eye make-up matched with super red lipstick makes a look oh-so-purr-fect :)

Careline Blush- On in Starlight Shine
- Putting some color on the apples of my cheeks and just blending it out.

Afficionado F68 Fantasy by Britney Spears
- Spraying a bit of this sweet, girly scent ;) This is my favorite perfume. (Just an FYI) :)

Lastly, SMILE ♥
You never know how many people fell in love with it.

So, yeah. That's it for my Everyday make-up look. I hope you'd check out my other videos and subscribe to my youtube channel. Hihi. Again, Thank you for dropping by ;)