The Blogger

The Rising Star

I am Apol Marie Duque, a self- taught makeup artist, a YouTube Beauty Vlogger and a Blogger. Currently enrolled with outstanding records as a senior student taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. 

Ever since I was a child talking to myself in front of the mirror while putting on makeup and doing my hair is my game. I will not leave my reflection unless I am contented with the way I looked for some reasons like: to impress guests on our house or my teachers or be asked how I did it and eventually teach them how. My mirror became my best friend. I remember in high school being scolded by my teacher for some lame reason like I kept looking myself in the mirror to check how I look. I was called a narcissistic that time but I told myself that it is not true in fact I am just into looking good 24/7. Up until my teenage years when makeup blogs and video tutorials are becoming popular on the internet and I found myself being hooked to it. To be honest, it became a tool and way to improve my makeup skills, it helped me learn tips and tricks and buy a tried and tested product.

Being so passionate about that field, I decided to put myself a blog more than a year ago consisting my daily life and some routines. But I guess it did not worked out because of lack of time and school. Fast forward to October 2012, I told myself that if other girls can do it, I will take the risk and show my skills as well. I updated my blog with some product reviews but became much more interested in doing video vlogs like makeup tutorials, product reviews, hauls and everything. 

Since then, being involved with few companies make me feel so loved and honored that they contacted me to host their giveaway, review their products and sponsor my tutorials. In return, I give my hundred percent in order to present something good to the viewer's eyes and help in many ways. 

I believe that this craft would mold and make the most of my life in the future because I know, this is where I belong. ♥