'Le Bar Management Finals

Hey stars!

I know I always update you regarding my Bar Management subject. Links to old post are listed below. Since the semester ended already, I wanna let you know what happened with my Finals.

Being the head of the Physical Appearance of the venue, I shall organize, conceptualize and put into reality every design we've talked about, the layout we kept making to maintain the space and proper allocation of everything that will be needed by our section. I can say, as a leader, I really don't do much "do this", "do that" unless I see my members doing and sharing nothing for the betterment. Good thing that my members are punctual enough and they even share some helpful thoughts. So, the preparation went really good and I can say that the room looked really fab and nice. It really matched our theme and it was really, really nice talaga. Besides the job of our committee, the over-all chairman, my friend, made every detail possible and she even did some of the task of our group. She's one great leader, I'm telling you. I admire her, really! :D ♥

Finals Proper:

Photo shoot for our Finals.
What I wore for our finals. ♥
Something to match my cocktail, Apol Jagger :)
I was number 11. I belong to the part of the section that would do Classical Mixing. I knew nothing about it and I will be the first one to do it. My mind went "afadfbdahahgvdfahbnabnncjanjnanacn" when I heard that they called me and asked to prepare because I'll be the next presenter. 

You know what happened? There's something about Classical Mixing that they told us to use white gloves. I already practiced my grip with white gloves. Then, someone told me before I was about to enter the room that we were supposed to use disposable gloves. Silly I was, I hurried and asked if I can get one. Next thing I knew was that, I ruined my routine. I slipped everything from my hand. My grip on my white gloves practice was 10/10, with what I used on the performance itself, I had 1/10 grip (yes, with disposable gloves). I cannot open the bottle well, place the cap on my finger gaps, pour wine and use the strainer, as well. Everything went YEHEY!! to BOOHOO, Boo that freak!

I cannot forget that moment. I thought I was going to fail. My world was shattered. I cannot blame anyone, because I believed and trusted. All I did was wear my sunglasses and cried. I cried a river. I cannot stop. I even managed to put make-up onto my classmates while crying. My friends were such a sweetheart for staying by my side and asked me to stop and kept me the words "everything's gonna be fine". 

After crying, crying and crying. I changed to our Bar Shirt .
I stopped and felt great after my classmate asked me why I was crying and I said the reason and she replied that I received a high grade. I asked her how did she knew? She said, she was sitting at the back of the judges and saw the evaluation sheet. There! I got 77/100 ♥ HAPPY! Despite of the spills, disposable gloves and all hurrah, I was able to get a passing grade! BOOHOO, Boo that freak to YEHEY YEHEY YEHEY!

After the Bar Finals, they went to our house to celebrate my birthday and had a booze until 6am. Like heeeey? :) HAHA!

So there, I shall end my Bar Management posts with a whooping 2.0 grade. (Which is a very flattering grade for a hard subject). Even though I had no hand-eye coordination for the flair assessments and Midterm, thoughts of that freaking disposable gloves and being a head of the Physical Appearance, I can say that, I FINISHED THE SUBJECT without failing it and I was able to overcome my fears throughout the semester. ♥

●▬▬▬▬▬ ♥ ▬▬▬▬▬●

I am now on YouTube! ♥

Yes, yes, yes.
I am now on YouTube! :)
How cool was that? 

Last Monday  October 29, I was able to build enough courage to film my very first YouTube video. I though of making an introduction video for my future subscribers. Although the audio was really off and some obvious shyness and awkwardness, I am still proud of myself because I was able to make one and move a step towards my dream ♥ I always dream of becoming a YouTube Make- Up Guru and it is already coming into life. 

If you want to see my first video, 

It would mean so much to me if you'd SUBSCRIBE to my channel. :"> Yes, I promise to give my best with every video I'm gonna be uploading. We could share beauty secrets and tips, as well. I hope to meet all my fellow Filipina make-up gurus one day. Yesyesyes! Plus, I really want to try doing collaboration make-up videos with you guys! Just give me a beep or email me @ heystarapol@gmail.com ♥

Brrr.. Braces + UPDATE! :)

Holla, stars! ;)

Just so you know I just got my braces installed last October 22, 2012 ♥ I had this one tooth which is not aligned with the others and I had this overbite case, so I decided to have braces. *Yeeees!*

●▬▬▬▬▬ D E N T I S T ▬▬▬▬▬●
My dentist is Dra. Lani Mangahas Destua. I knew her from Facebook. I saw great feed backs from her service. I found her really friendly and easy to talk to, as well. By the time that I saw her in person, I can say that she really handles her patients great and with humor. She won't let you wait and keep you company throughout the installation process. Yeaaay for my pretty dentist! ;)

●▬▬▬▬▬ C L I N I C ▬▬▬▬▬●
Her clinic is located at Musa St. Laong Laan, Sampaloc Manila. It can be located easily and has many alternative routes if you are coming from different places. The clinic itself is clean and really cute. It is quite small yet well-equipped with dental stuffs. 

●▬▬▬▬▬ P R O C E S S ▬▬▬▬▬●
The installation of my braces went really quick. I think it was just 45 minutes to 1 hour ONLY. *Yeees!* Oh, including the refilling and some teeth filling. That was really a quick and guaranteed service. 

●▬▬▬▬▬ M Y T H O U G H T S ▬▬▬▬▬●
I can really say that my dentist does great and awesome service. She was able to install my braces that fast. Up until now, no problems being encountered (such as falling wires, brackets or whatever). She also gave me free ortho wax, which was really a life saver. ♥ I will be going back to her clinic after 2 weeks. ;)

●▬▬▬▬▬ U P D A T E ▬▬▬▬▬●
FIRST DAY. The first day went good. No pain at all. I found it awkward to smile at first, but I got used to it really quickly. My only problem was just, I cannot eat. As my dentist recommended, I have to undergo Soft Diet. Soup and Milk Tea were my meal for dinner. 

SECOND DAY. I woke up feeling awkward. I still, was not able to eat that much. I went to school and ate noodles there. I just ate strand by strand. My friend even ate my noodles more than what I can take. :( It is hurting, I can feel it. The time I heard that I can go home already, I immediately grabbed my friend along. Because I really cant stand the pain. 

THIRD DAY. I am still in pain. ;(* The pain actually is moving onto different tooth. I thought my teeth will all fall off. But I did not drank any medicine to ease the pain, because I kept a positive attitude that everything will be good after this mini suffering. 

FOURTH DAY. Now, I am feeling those mouth sores scratching the walls of my mouth. I used my ortho wax and felt no pain. Teeth still hurting, but I did not mind it. 

FIFTH DAY. Woke up and realized I was not able to remove the ortho wax from my brackets. ;( I found a hard time removing it. But again saved by my ortho brush. ♥ It worked nice! My mum bought the Oral-B one. :) 

SIXTH AND SEVENTH DAY. Went to Batangas to visit my family there. Still suffering from major mouth sores. :( I tried not using my Ortho Wax since I do not want to spoil my mouth from feeling no pain at all. 

EIGHTH DAY. As I am writing this today. I am feeling no tooth-ache and even the mouth sores are gone. I can eat now. But my front teeth are really sensitive with 'le biting. I am still eating noodles and soft food. Oh, It really gets better! ♥ 

Oct 12: Apol Jagger, Flair Assessment

Sorry for the late spill! :) I am just so happy to say that, what I will be doing for my Bar Management Finals is "Apol Jagger" *tenenenenenenententenen* ♥ Yes, my first cocktail!! You know what's cooler than that? I passed the two cocktail proposals (so that my professor can pick or have something as a spare cocktail if ever one of them is not approved) and yes, you got it right, the two cocktails were approved and my professor just asked my classmates present there which one I will be making and they chose Apol Jagger. :) 

Yes! So now, the thing is, I am now deciding what I would be wearing. We have to dress up according to our cocktail. I got Apol Jagger right? and it's from the song, Moves like Jagger. I googled the definition of the song and it goes like, "the ability of a man to impress a girl with his own style, sense of fashion and dance moves". Meaning, I got to dress up with my own pick-me-up style. ♥ I am really happy with it, since I got the chance to find something I am comfortable with. I would go with leather, glitters and studs! :>

Another requirement before the laboratory exam is the flair assessment. Yes, I am not good with flairing, throwing bottles, catching and other moves. My hand-eye coordination is really poor. But guess what, hours ago, we just had the assessment. I was able to do everything except Snake Grab & Tap, which is really an I-know-right thing for me. Since I knew that I won't be able to do it. The good thing is I got flat 1.0 with the other advanced flair moves. Surprising it may seem, but yes, I was able to do it. Happy Apol here! 

Today is also the birthday of my dear classmate, Mommy Kim, as we call her. Although I wasn't able to come to her celebration, I just wished that they would have a good time on her place. 
Happy Birthday, Mommy Kim! ♥
***If you'll be able to read this ;-) 

Apol Jagger and Star Apol ♥

Holla! How's everything going? I hope all is good with y'all because with mine, I am really in great joy and happiness with everything I am having and achieving right now. 
Wanna know why? Read on! :)

Being a HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT student, one of our major subject is Bar Management. As part of our final exam, we are instructed to make our very own cocktail with a section-wide base, Basi wine, and our choice of modifiers, garnish and glass. Sounds good, huh? Yeah, it really is. I enjoyed the whole time I am conceptualizing and debating with the different ingredients I will be using and the supposed-to-be appearance of my work. It came out really well and I am really pleased with the result.

Before presenting my cocktails, let me please remind you that:
The choice of Modifiers, Garnish and Glass are based from my preference. No hate! ♥

Apol Jagger ♥
I named it that way, all because of some trip by my friends. I heard it sound well and decided to use it instead. But I really thought of naming it Apol Jagger, not only it was my Facebook name, but because it gives me this unique identity that will put some great move with my soft and subtle name, Apol. Also, every time I hear "Moves like Jagger" by Maroon 5 on a bad day, it will really put a smile on my face and every thing will straighten up and move how it was supposed to be. :) 

Star Apol ♥
Yes, just like my blog, instagram and twitter accounts; I called my second masterpiece as Star Apol. I really love hearing those words. Why? As my constant explanation goes; 
Just like the stars up in the sky, hard to reach, -- goes like my dreams. I may not be able to have it today or tomorrow; but one thing's for sure: with pure love and effort, I'll be able to reach it one day. ♥ 

That's it! I hope you had fun reading this. By the way, I am really happy that my cocktails were approved and the one that I'll be making on Oct. 19 is "Apol Jagger", my first cocktail. ♥ :) Catch my update about my finals! Yeeeaaayyy!!