VIDEO: First love ♥

OMG! This video never failed to make me say "Awww". For me, this one's ze best couple. Even though they are not together anymore; they still made us realize something.. "Cherish every moment and never foresee what's gonna happen next, for time is so unpredictable that you may find yourself happy today and maybe tomorrow, not anymore" ♥ 

Rain, rain, rain

July 26, 2011 | Tuesday

I may say that we are experiencing a-- BED WEATHER. It's so relaxing to sleep with a thick blanket and sleep the whole day. That is life. But hey, I have school remember? I am a college student. Meaning, Classes are suspended in the PH if the typhoon reached its Signal #3 or as the university officials said so. We have to wait and pray real hard. We have Accounting home work (an easy one tho) but still in crave for home sweet home. Around 9am, we heard that classes are suspended in ALL LEVELS (including college right?) And Yes, It's so true. But the sad part was, our university has not declared about the suspension of classes. We must hear a bell, or the guards will roam around just to spread the news. NEGATIVE, we said. We can see from the outside that all universities has suspended their classes. But still, we're standing strong. Our university was the only school in our area who, still, has not declared the news until 1pm came that they felt our cry. (Me so over acting) That was it. My worthless school day. Tho, we had an ENGL class which was a reporting and quiz period. Not that bad. Got 19/20 F.U, Objective. Yer supposed to be correct :T Whatever, at last we're free from school. K, that's it. Happy Suspension of Classes! ♥ =))

I am enlightened :">

So far this was the best sermon I heard from our parish priest. Even though I wasn't able to catch the morning mass to start my day, I heard this message during today's last mass to end my day with a realization..

Opportunity does not just come along - it is there all the time - we just have to see it. :">

Russel H. Conwell

At the heart of his lecture was a parable Conwell heard while traveling through present-day Iraq in 1870:
There was once a wealthy man named Ali Hafed who lived not far from the River Indus. “He was contented because he was wealthy, and wealthy because he was contented.” One day a priest visited Ali Hafed and told him about diamonds.
Ali Hafed heard all about diamonds, how much they were worth, and went to his bed that night a poor man. He had not lost anything, but he was poor because he was discontented, and discontented because he feared he was poor.
Ali Hafed sold his farm, left his family, and traveled to Palestine and then to Europe searching for diamonds. He did not find them. His health and his wealth failed him. Dejected, he cast himself into the sea.
One day, the man who had purchased Ali Hafed’s farm found a curious sparkling stone in a stream that cut through his land. It was a diamond. Digging produced more diamonds — acres of diamonds, in fact. This, according to the parable, was the discovery of the famed diamonds of Golconda.
The point, Conwell says, is that we often dream of fortunes to be made in faraway places. We ought instead to be open to the opportunities that are around us. He illustrates this concept with several other stories, including that of the discovery of gold in California.

Ze past few days ☺

So the past few days were not so good at all. I am (most of the time) tired and sleepless. I had to sleep at around 3am and get up at 5am tho class starts at 9am, yet my Daddy would like me to go to school with him and was like his-office-hours-starts-at-7am-right? Yeah, never mind. It's nerve cracking but I have to deal with it. Not only it saves time when the rush hour hits but it saves money as well. ;)

Thursday is P.E day. Yes, we played this caterpillar-like game. Haha! Wherein you should hold onto the one in front of you on his shirt or his waist. Then there's the head (the first on the line) and the tail (the last, duh?). The goal of the game is that the head must touch the tail of the other group. We had two groups and it is just so funny everytime the line was cut and my classmates went tumbling and crashing their-selves onto the grass. Major booboo for them. Guess what? Me the slowest, the choosy, kikay one made my group won for the first time. Haha! I became the tail when the girl at my back wasn't able to hold onto my waist anymore. Yey! Had fun. Then after 2 hours we had our Banquets class. Ew, Dirty. Had to change to our school uniform without taking a bath </3

Friday class went cool, 2 subjects only. Middle subject classes, take note. English and MIS only. Not that much school works. I had fun, cos before MIS class starts we went to PUP Main for my friends' scholarship and to see our classmate who shifted his course. Luckily, I saw my HS friends there. Leo, Micah and Dan. Long time since I heard news about them and see them as well. The last subject that was supposed to last for 3 hours (4:30-7:30) went :-bd Cos our professor asked us to attend mass at the Main Campus (which was a Prayer Rally, btw). I got our class' attendance and saw my dear HS friend, Mara and went to my Daddy's office instead. Good girl ;)

I had my Banquets and Catering Procedures report last Saturday and it was not good at all. I am not prepared O.O Cos the time was so limited and my mind and body just said, 123 Go! Hell. Forget it. After Class, me and Len went to Chowking for brunch :-b

Today's Sunday and had to attend the last mass which will be held at 6pm, I guess. So KBye! <3

Kdot. Kfly. Kwhatev.

July 19, 2011 | Tuesday

You know kdot? Haha =)) I am not so thrilled with this day. I was bored actually. No sleep for me. Forever Skypin' with Baby. Aww, the sweetest date. <3 Started at around 9pm ended 5:30 am. How was thaaaat. Then went straight to the bathroom for bath. (DUH) No make up at first. Slept for a while during our way to Manila. After me was dropped by my father at PUP, Main. I decided to go to our campus right away tho it's 45 minutes earlier than my first class. Wanna know why? Got no homework for ECON :p But whatevs, I finished it in less than 10 minutes not knowing there's no first and second class. Because of the walk out maybe. MIS and Accounting afterwards, I love Accounting. It gives me GV everytime. Ooh, Btw. Ate green mangoes for lunch. You know good thang? Kdot :D


July 18, 2011 | Monday

Just another manic Monday. Lol. Got nothing to do. No classes, eh? Econ homework was supposed to be done by this time but brain's so cranked up that it won't function the way it was supposed to be. So whatever. I'll do it before the day ends. Day's not that productive at all for I haven't done anything time-worthy. Ooh, spent 250.00 for another online purchase. Why so shopping savvy? @-| Eeek.

18th Monthsary + Ace Water Spa + Kamay Kainan

July 17, 2011 | Sunday

It's the 17th of July. <3 Whut, whut? Today is our 18th monthsary. Don't cha just love it? Mind you, struggles and other negative hurrahs went through our life but we remained strong as a pavement. (Don't chase us. Whatev) I am so inlove with my guy though we are on a LDR type of relationship. Yes dear, a Long Distance Relationship. I am from Manila and he's from Batangas. We see each other once a month. Catch up things through SMS and Skype. Yes it's hard. It's like you are having an imaginary boyfriend foreal but guise just so you know, he'll always be the one I'll choose. Distance? Not a hindrance ;)

After a few hours of preparation we went straight to Coco's vet. Sad thing was I won't able to bring my Shih Tzu, Coco to the spa :( So we decided to have him lodged at his veterinarian's clinic which we availed for free. I was crying when I was about to hand my baby to my father since I don't like the fact that I will be the one who'll hand him to the vet and turn my back knowing my baby was crying :( Kdot. I just love my dog. After an hour we reached this church at QC and caught the 9am mass.

Woohoo. It's family day today cos it's Sunday. My sister treated us to a water spa and I effin can't get over with that unique spa. It is called "Ace Water Spa" which is located at Quezon City and their other branch is at Pasig City. It was just so relaxing and pampering. I worn my new two-piece brown swim suit. Belly? Not a problem. (You know self- confidence? I have over a hundred) Tho I brought my cam with me, I wasn't able to use it cos it's a rule, NO CAMERA, NO CELLPHONE and blah and blah. @-| But still, just google their name and see their gallery. A very unique swimming pool for it offers a wide variety of spa services not only bubble spa and the like, they also have this Hydrotherapy Spa which was indeed a double thumbs up. Go check the place with your loved ones, it's 10/10 :) :">

Kamay Kainan was our next stop after the spa. An eat all you can restaurant which was a few streets away from Ace Water Spa. If I am not mistaken it was 289.00/ head and I was like OMG! It's a feast. I got 6 plates. (Reason why I am this chubby) :D From rice to different viands to desserts to unlimited iced tea? Yes. It was super worth the 289.00. Try that restaurant, it's also a 10/10 for me. 

So I think that was it. No school tomorrow. KBye! Xoxo (:


The sweetest “Goodmorning” message I got via Skype. ♥ After crying super uber much, he showed me this. I was surprised, really. 

Can you believe it? I forgot our Monthsary! Haha! =))

This is our version of a cute date. We sit on our butts at home all day and webcam. There’s no going out to eat, no shopping, no holding of hands, nada. How we spend time together is a little different from how other couples do it. I mean, this is all we can do. Endless webcamming, videogaming, and phone calling. That’s a long distance relationship for you. But even so, we still share the smiles, laughs, and good times. As much as I wish that we could live closer, I don’t hate the distance. Thanks to the distance, we’ve talked so much that we know virtually everything about each other. We keep nothing from each other; there are no secrets. All we have is trust. All we can do is trust. Trust, love, and be patient. Because I know that one day we won’t be separated by a computer screen or these hundreds of miles.

Our eyes. I have sore eyes (07/16/11 12:02am) up until now. Tho the redness was not that visible nemore because of the drop drop whatever. He asked me to pass my “sore eyes” to him because he said, it will be much better if he had those (sore eyes) rather than see me in pain. Sweet, eh? ;)

Sorry for whut? Ooh. 07/16/11 around 8 am I was texting with him. Aww, we rarely texted for a week because of the endless assignments and school works. Kfine. Then after I think 30 minutes of texting he said, he’ll text me later cos he’ll be playing Basketball. Hell. :| Nakakatampo. *Pff* Knowing that he sacrificed catching up with me just to play Basketball?! I didn’t sms him srsly the next 10 hours, I guess. Then he asked me if we could date via Skype at around 8pm? I said, Yes and I’ll be OL at 10pm. *Then kablaaam* He said Sorry using that paper + his kawawa look. Kdot. =))

Flowers? Mall hopping? Whatev? BOO! This one’s way much better for it is really priceless. 

You know BV?

July 16, 2011 | Saturday

Yes, That's what I am feeling right now. I am so pissed that I have to leave a class today. Why? Sore eyes. It pisses me off. Just so you know, It's my first time. (: I dunno what's with sore eyes or whatever. So, this was it. It's irritating and you feel like you are crying every second for no reason. Weirdo. Kdot. 

Anotha thing that makes me BV even more is that I wont be able to attend my major class today. It's so frustrating, knowing that it's the most important subject I have just to take to make sure that I will be able to maintain my grades. (A laude runner here) ♥ Whatevs. Accept, accept.

So, what I have to do now is sit on my back and wait for a miracle to happen. Ooh and btw, We'll be going to Ace Water Spa tmrw. Watch out. :"> I hope and I pray that my sore eyes' wont be a hindrance to my most-awaited-spa-day (: Wish me luck, Xoxo.

My first ever haul ♥

Okay, this day went fine. Except for the rain, foreal babe. I had a hard time dealing with it (ever since!). Mkay, enough of the rain hoorah. My mum and I went to SM Masinag after school and bought some stuff for moi since I am running out of it. I don't need that much but I decided to still buy them. An after school cheap thrill.

My best-ever-trusted foundation. *Yeyy!* I love it's coverage since it gives you this smooth and blemish-free finish. I totally love it since first year college and up to now, I am still addicted to it. I will forever be faithful to this baby. ♥ It is cheap, I am telling you  200.00 only! It's a great buy.

The next love of my life is this super red lipstick. Tho my lighting sucks a lil bit, please look at this baby in person to appreciate even more. The shade is "Love that Red". It's a matte lipstick from Ever Bilena ♥ It's 145.00 ONLY! Yay for this product. (I love Ever Bilena, I know right?) Double thumbs up again. :-bd

So, this will be the first time I will try to use an eyebrow razor. I know, I know and I know that I am not that good on making my brows. Practice makes perfect, right? So I guess this might be the start. I bought this because of the saleslady. She forced me to buy this to be able to avail the free eyebrow shaving whatever. I asked my mum for permission, then she said yes. So why not? Haha! 

Last but not the least is my NEW DOLL SHOES! It's from my mum. I was surprised when she asked me to fit this charm. No more thinking twice, I fitted it and *voila* I don't want to take it off from my feet. They're the best. I love color red. I love the rose details. I love everything about it! It's brand is Carmelletes and their shop is located at Marikina City. (My Godmother is a good friend of the shop's owner ♥) Try to check their website here: 

So, I guess that's all for today. 
To the rain, Ever Bilena and new doll shoes; Peace and Love to all. :">

Piercing Obsession

Well I might say that I love piercings so effin much. Tho, some may consider it uncool for they have this blahs. The hell I care. I love it, eh. Moving on, I had my ear cartilage pierced at a Silver Store near HerBench at Farmers Mall Cubao. It costs PHP 120.00 for both ears. How cool was that. I even thought that they wont forbid me to pierce my ear cartilage, but they said they offer it and I just said whoa and let's get it on. ;))

My left ear. Btw, my right ear has the same.

Have you seen my dangling earrings? That's from my friend Mara ♥ It's nice, right? She gave that to me during the second week of our school cos she said that it matches my favorite yellow bag. Then, the pearl earrings I am wearing was from a stall at our school worth PHP8.00/ pair. Kay, good treat. Haha! 

For your info, my dad was the one who thought of the idea to have my ears pierced. As far as I know, I was just looking at the studs and asked the saleslady if they pierce ear cartilage and she said, YES! Surprisingly, my dad said "Go on and have your ears pierced" Yay. How cool he was. Greatest Dad. =))

So, there. Hope you found that interesting. If not, then deal with it (STILL) HAHA! :* ;]