December 31, 2012: A year-ender ♥

Here we go again, we're gonna face a new year in just a few hours. When the clock strikes 12, let's go jump and wash away all the hatred, regrets and bad memories we had last 2012 and add new good things and great memories to be cherished forever. Yes?

2012 was an awzm year for me. Why?

  • Award for Academic Excellence (Dean's lister) - Yeah, I got my first award from being a Dean's lister, which was supposed to be the second but I was not informed about the process last year. So yeah, I went on the stage with my Mum as my sister took some picture of us. It was indeed a very memorable day for me, because that moment, I felt like all my efforts were recognized. :)
  • YouTube Partner - YES, I am a YouTube Partner ♥ At first, all I wanna do is make some videos and share it to the public or other makeup enthusiasts out there and a part of it was becoming a YouTube Partner. Although I am not rushing things, God forbid me to have it and granted my wish. From 2013 and onwards, I will be active on YouTube no matter what. Yeah, so if you have time, do check out my channel. I hope you'd subscribe and show some love.
  • Advent Candle Sponsor - I was very honored to lit up an advent candle on our church during the first Misa de Gallo. It was a very delightful and memorable day for me. It's like a way of thanking God for the blessings he had bestowed upon us. 
  • Survived Bar Midterm & Finals - If you don't know about it yet, you can find my posts here:
  • More time with my Baby! :) I got to spent time with my boyfriend more often this year. Okay, kinikilig ako. It's just that, I got very very very good vibes when I am with him. I am one lucky girl to have him in my life. Oh and by the way, we spent our December 31 again at Batangas. :) ♥
  • The best thing is: My family is still united no matter what the situation is. One love!♥
May God bless us more this coming year ♥ :)

December 15- 20: Last Day of Cafe Royale, Start of Simbang Gabi, 35th Monthsary, Flower Pomanders, Shopping and Film Day

December 15, 2012 | Last day of Cafe Royale 

I have sacrificed enough, worked hard and had consistent punctuality for a whole week. Heck, operating our school coffee shop is not a big joke you could laugh at. It requires sweat, hard work and dedication. But look at me now (Leggo!), sitting & drinking a cup of hot milk while typing the history. 

To my group mates, the Batch 1
Kudos to all of us! We made it :-) 
Batch 1 with our professor, Ma'am Garcia :-)

Me while filming :)
One happy girl ♥
December 16, 2012 | Start of Simbang Gabi

I was chosen to be an Advent Candle Sponsor. Feeling so blessed and honored, I surrendered everything to him and made a pact that I'll forever be his follower from that day and the coming days of my life. ♥

December 17, 2012 | Official Start of Christmas Break & 35th Monthsary

Having enough sleep and waking up with a grin is a sign that I am now ready for the vacation. No one could ever measure the happiness I had this day. Starting your vacation with the love of your life is just priceless! My baby and I decided to meet up at around 9 in the morning, but I thought of preparing a breakfast for him. So I asked him to go somewhere near our house instead. He was able to reach the place around 10 am. Still turtle-ish me, I was able to see him 15 minutes after pa. Okay. What about the breakfast? I was able to bring only two bite size pieces. :\ Why? My cousin ate it. He said "Ate Ah, nasarapan ako eh!" :) 

We then ate at Jollibee and took a tricycle to Antipolo Bayan after. We then passed by Antipolo Church and at the Pasalubong Center, since I decided to buy some cashew nuts & suman. After that, we then find another tricycle again that would bring us to the famous falls in Antipolo, "Hinulugang Taktak". The smile I saw on my baby's face is definitely priceless. It was my first time to go there as well though. We spent most of our time on that place, taking pictures and leaving memorable marks. 

At 'le tricycle :)

The falls. Top view :)

We then went to Victory Park & Shop to get something to drink and strolled through the busy mall. I had so much fun, but then I felt a little stingy feeling on my body and though of going home to change clothes. *Connect?* Haha! :) After I changed my clothes, we went through Forest Hills. Seeing him walking through a different place is so precious. It's like, I've been bringing him to different places and I love the feeling. :-) At the end of our trail, I saw a buko cart. I asked the seller if he can do the perfect circle buko. What I mean is the perfect circle cut of the coconut's white meat without breaking it and spilling the juice inside. The old man made it perfectly. I had a picture at my boyfriend's cellphone though. He was so amazed. :-)

We passed by a book shop and bought some thaaaang. Then, we ate some snack and separate ways.For me, the time is not enough. But I cannot do anything to make it longer. I do not have the power to control the time. But if God permits me to have super powers, I'll gladly accept it. ♥

December 18, 2012 | Christmas Decorations, Flower Pomanders

This day is the planned day that I will be making Christmas Decorations on our living room. I felt like I was Martha Stewart that time. It's just that, I feel so creative at that very moment and all I could do is look straight and fall completely in love with my work. I worked on the ceiling, which I was not able to capture, the Christmas tree and centerpiece. 

December 19, 2012 | Shopping Day

My mum and I went to Victory Park and Shop to buy my cousin's gift for his exchange gift. We dropped by at Daiso and bought some few stuffs that were included at my recent blog post  :) Yeah! After that, we ate at Mang Inasal and left the restaurant with a bulgy tummy. Off to the market we went, to buy some raw meat for my cousin again, contribution naman. Then head back home. After an hour, my mum told me to accompany my cousin to the market to buy some clothes. Me so kind naman, I went with him and even grabbed my other cousin, too. Food trip after and chilled at our place.

December 20, 2012 | Film Day

At last, after a long time I was able to film a new YouTube video on my channel. It's a mixed haul about the things I got recently. Yeah. So, it is currently uploading right now and you could check it out tomorrow, I guess. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: CLICK! ♥

*Breathes* wait for continuation next week! ♥

2013 MUST TRY: Makeup Brands ♥

I have been seeing different products, makeup tools and other make up stuffs that are of different brand names and price. As much as I would like to try them all, I must consider the fact that I am still a student. I have to spend less to save up or activate the oh-so-practiced pleasing baby eyes to my dad, mum and sister. (It works, sometimes.) I think I shall make a list of all the brands I found very interesting not only for their famous name, but also with their great customer feed backs and variety of products. Without further ado, let's start the list! ;)

(1) Miss Bella PH

I cannot say more about this online shop. Their makeup palettes are so gorgeous and to die for. It is really an aspiring makeup artist or enthusiast's haven. You have a variety of palettes to choose from + they have cosmetic organizers, too! My eyes are watching you, Miss Bella PH! ♥ ;)

(2) Beauty Cosmetics

Talk about brushes, heeeeey? I bet you would definitely consider Beauty Cosmetics as your one stop shop for your makeup brush shopping! They have these wide variety of makeup brushes that would definitely fit in your budget. Plus, their brushes are really comparable with the high- end ones. Yeah! ;)

(3) Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals

Here's for your skin cravings! They offer all-natural makeup products that will take good care and give the TLC your skin needs. I would like to try this brand, aside from their good reviews, because I know that my skin will be well loved by Krave. ;)

(4) Korean Makeup Haul

Being an Asian, I love trying out products that are made especially for our skin. Plus, I want to try and try and try new products. Plus, all of their makeup packaging is so cute tooooo! *Y'know* ♥


Mixed Haul: Daiso, Pandayan Book Shop, RedLipsClothing by RJL Online Shop, Cherry Foodarama

It's the most beautiful time of the yeaaaaarrrr....
Yes it is, and I am talking about the non-stop shopping or trip to the mall. So these are the items that I got last week, yesterday and today. Haha! =)) Oh by the way, before going through with 'le cutesy products, I just want you to know that I will do I haul video about these items! Watch out for it on my YouTube Channel: heystarapol :)

Daiso/ Japan Home Center
* Victory Park & Shop Antipolo ♥

(1) Interproximal Brush (P 66.00) - I am in the process of searching for this mini brush for my braces. Since I was advised to use this kind of cleaning brush in order clean the brackets really well + yes, oral hygiene. :-) Surprisingly, I was able to find one as I searched through the bunch of good stuffs at Daiso. 

(2) Eyelash Tweezers (P 66.00) - Even though I do not own a bunch of false eyelashes, I still grabbed one of this cute eyelash tweezers. I really don't know. Just think of buying for the sake of its cuteness :-) Yes. 

 (3) Organizer (P 88.00) - I know, Inggitera much ako. Haha! I saw this organizer from my sister who went by Daiso at SM Megamall last night. Look at the corners of that precious organizer, so classy and girly. *Loveeee it!* =))  So yes, being so envious, I bought one for myself, as well. ♥

(4) Stand with 2 layers (P 66.00) - I know that this was supposed to be a stand for the dishes or to dry out plates and the likes. But I thought of using it for my brushes, I'll use this every time I clean them. I won't be able to have those falling brushes anymore. 

RedLipsClothing by RJL 

This is my second time to buy on this online shop yet I am still impressed with their service. The owner is very nice and she's really easy to deal with. You should check out their online shop and browse through their cool line up of products.

(1) Neon Pink,Yellow and Orange Braided Head Band (P 50.00) - Isn't it so adorable? OMG! I am so in love with neon colors. It can't go wrong with any of your go- to styles. 

(2) Big Red Lipstick Coin Bank (P 200.00) - Again, who could say NO with this very girly coin bank? Like hey? It's a fashionable way of saving! I'm gonna use this starting today and after I got this lipstick coin bank full, I'm gonna buy myself with loads of lippies of different shades and brands. (And I am not kidding!!! :) )

(3) Vintage Pearl Dangling Earrings (FREE) - I told ya, the seller is very nice. She even gave me a freebie. Even with my first transaction with her, she included a gift as well. I so love her na. ♥ 

Pandayan Book Shop
* Cogeo Gate 2, Antipolo City

(1) Pink Mirror with stand and a detachable hand mirror (cover) (P 99.00) - Again, I found this cute stuff for a really cheap price. Look oh, I got two mirrors for 99.00. Like OMG* I am such a kid. =)) This stuff was a steal. I can't express my happiness when I saw this thing as me and my boyfriend were looking at the make up section of the book shop. Ha? Yes, Pandayan Book Shop offers a variety of products. It's like a one stop shop. :-)


(1) Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra (FREE!) - My sister handed this to me since she accidentally got two of this impressive Maybelline Foundation. Lucky me! ♥ 

(2) Prestige Bronzing Powder (P 200.00) - I won this at Diana Agbi's ( auction for only 200.00. What a steal!* This was my first bronzing powder and I will treasure this with all of my heart, lungs and soul. :-)

(3) Avon Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation (P 399.00) - I ordered this from a friend along with the mascara. I just wanna try this out if it gives good coverage and if it wont give me break outs.

(4) Avon Super Curlacious Mascara ☺

 (5) Pond's White Beauty Day Cream (P 63.65) - My all time favorite cream. You should try this out as well. It did not gave me break outs plus it helped whiten out my face. :-)

All items are bought with my own money, or was given to me. I am not paid to make this blog post. Information written here are based on my opinion/ experience. Pictures are captured by the blog owner.