My fist ever sponsorship!

From the huge site which provides authentic contact lenses, ever so cute contact lens accessories and eye care products, Pinky Paradise! (

I am so thankful that I got a chance to be involved in an international site which became famous for their great products and services. With their sponsorship, my readers and I will get a free cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts. Like whoaaa! So cool right? Also, if you purchase more, you will also be able help me with my blog's improvement and there will be more upcoming reviews and giveaways. Like it? :))

Moving on with the code itself, Pinky Paradise provided me with a code to my readers who wants to avail a product from them with a freebie and mystery gift. The code is: starapol101 :)

I am so thankful for having you guys and please stay tuned in for more reviews, hauls and giveaways!

PS. I will be posting the banner at the side of my blog site for the direct link of Pinky Paradise's site.

Much love and respect! Xx

It's Apol :)

The star, the dreamer and the future hotelier at your service!

Email me at:
SMS me at: 0915 842 0004

I'll be glad to be of help ♥

Typhoon, again.

You know what? It's still very surprising for me that another typhoon's coming or we are ACTUALLY experiencing a storm signal and angry sky. Whew, I find every typhoon drastic and very gloomy. For you will not be able to accomplish a school work that requires the whole class' participation. Even though, you will have enough time to finish a homework with an additional time yet for me it's not enough. Since with this time, the delayed time you had, you might have ended and finished everything. However, you'll find it very relaxing since you have more time to sleep, hug your pillow and ease off stressed minds. 

I do hope that this typhoon will not hurt people and their properties, as well. It's hard to accept that all the things that you bought from sweat are gone in a click. 

Be safe and God Bless us! ♥

As I was searching for an online shop for Cosmetics..

I saw this perfect page where you and I can buy a variety of Revlon products and other cosmetics for a cheaper price. Whoa! Amazing isn't it? It's Revlon for Less and Hype. Two beautiful shops with one owner! How cool was that?! ♥ :)

Little did I know that you can ONLY buy branded, authentic cosmetics at the mall and other international boutiques and stores. Due to my depression and sadness I searched for an online shop on Facebook and it made me say WHOA! when I dropped of those pages where you can see a wide variety of branded foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows and so on at a lesser price. I saw those two sites catchy because of the clean, decent and very simple way to present their products. Good job to the owner and page maker! ☺

I also saw the review of Ms. Say of after I saw the Revlon for Less page and said, I bet this shop is really of great service and interest to me; being a beauty/ make-up blogger, for my future posts and reviews! ♥

Catch me for my future posts once I got an item from those shops! 

KBye, Xx! ♥


Sorry for being super MIA today. Can't help it because of the Midterms, Deadlines, Requirements and other school hurrah. But hey, I recently got few things to be reviewed and blogged. So please wait for it, I know you'll love 'em. ♥ Oh hey and btw, I promise to blog more after this freakin' month. :-)

EDIT: Online Shopping + Online Selling

I've been obsessed with Online Shopping ever since I saw the different items sold through Facebook and Multiply. At first, I was hesitant to buy from them until one day, I became one of them. It is scary and you'll get to have different doubts while buying and seeing yourself commenting "MINE" to different items. Yes, there are loads of scammers in town. However, all you have to do is cross your fingers and hope that your transaction will run smoothly. Luckily, I haven't experienced being scammed or what. But as a seller, I got a chance to deal with joy reservers and bogus buyers, which are a major boo-hoo. :'( Anyhow, Online Selling is a good chance for students and facebook savvy people who wants to have a part time job. ♥

Go on, you never know, this might be your stepping stone. :) Oh and by the way, here's my shop: 

REVIEW: Natasha Lush Lips, Avon 24K Gold, Avon Rose Quartz + Rose Shine

So I tried to buy different lipsticks from my block mates cos I found ze colors amazing on the catalog. (Yes! Imma try ♥) So, here are few verdicts about ze products I have bought recently:

I love shades of pink with an orange under tone. I dunno, but for me; 
I found it very skin-glowing and fresh. 


So this product, as you can see from the picture, is dual-ended. You have a matte lipstick and a gloss on the other side.

- It is sleek, easy to put on your make-up bag ♥
- Even though you don't put the gloss on, the color shines for itself.
- The color stays for quite a while.

- I don't like it's smell. Like coconut something. Ew.
- When I first lift the cap of the lipstick side, the product was sticky.


AVON 24K Gold

And yes, and yes. This one's the bomb. I really love this baby. ♥ I should keep and have this baby, all through out my kikay life. I swear and swear and swear.

- It comes in a very elegant gold plate packaging.
- It have tiny gold dots on the stick itself, but hey, once patted on the lips: TADAAAH! Not only a design but it also transfers on your lips. So elegante :))
- The color, really, stays for a long time. ♥


Natasha Lush Lips

Aw, this one. I guess this baby is perfect for teens who just want to get some unique color on their lips and such.

- Nice color.
- Chic packaging.
- Tastes like butter =))

- Does not stay for a long period of time.
- You need to sweep many times to show the real color.

That's it. ☻ So, I really recommend the Avon 24k Gold series, the new series of their lipsticks. ♥ Bet you'll have a fabulous day ahead, everyone. :-)

2nd of September ☺

May I have a brief additional to my yesternight's blog post. 

Yay, as we're heading New Manila we stopped by at San Juan to buy dog kibbles for my Baby Coco. ♥ Since my baby was getting a little emo about his kibbles, we forced to catch the store hours of different pet stores. The first stop was in front of Valencia Condo, yes, they sell Royal Canin but then they do not have the Dermacomfort one. )': Aww, my dad was scared at that time. Because momma will (for sure) shout at us when she saw us empty-handed. Then, we rushed ourselves to go to Robinsons Metro East. Rizal-Pasig boundary. We drove for about 45 minutes and we made it at exactly 8pm, knowing that RP's mall hours end at 9pm. Daddy asked me to run and make it to our favorite pet grooming and accessories, Pooch Park. And yes, luckily, they're still open. But then, I think they're closing in few minutes because the grooming station is closed and the lights are somewhat dim already. When I rushed to the store and buy Royal Canin Dermacomfort, there's still a lady who's asking for Frontline and such. Enough said. I am really happy that my baby was able to eat happily :-)
We waited for another 30 minutes for my sister because she's already at MRT Shaw (Ortigas). Then we decided to meet with her at RP as well. While waiting, Daddy treated me at Mcdo but then I only bought a regular coke float and fries, since it's already 9pm. (I know, conscious) K, we left the mall afterwards and ate street foods; chicken balls, "baga at taba ng baka" (Sounds weird, but it's my favorite ♥) and peanuts. Sister came and we headed back home.

When Coco saw me at our door, he rushed and kept on jumping at me. I said, "Coco, here's your foooood!" Then, he was just so happy and I hugged him tightly >:D<


So, as for today, the 2nd day of September. School went fine. I am already at PUP Main at around 6:45 am and I am early for my first class which is 9am. It happens everytime since I have to ride daddy's car to save money. I slept at our car and told my father to wait for me at his office and leave me for a while. I think I was asleep for about 30 minutes then I was dreaming that a guard was knocking at the door, but when I was jolted out of sleep, I saw daddy and he opened the door and told me that it's bad to sleep with all windows closed inside the car. I guess, it's the oxygen thing. Well, whatever. 

I went upstairs and ate the breakfast daddy bought me from the school cafeteria and I finalized my English homework afterwards and I already fixed my things and yes, I put my make-up on. I can't miss that part. Cos, yeah. It's the so-called vanity. Boo that. :-) 

After 15 minutes, I walked down the stairs of PUP Main and rushed to the gate and waited for a tricycle heading Hasmin Campus. Hasmin is, I guess 5 minutes drive for Main Campus. The waiting part is the real deal. If you're late or such, you have no choice but to pay for the vacant seats, since the tricycle was a 5 seater one and yes, that's 7.00/ each. I was able to sat at the main seat in front and I have this guy at my left. Then a girl from the same college I am going to insisted to sit at the main seat as well because she said that she's wearing a skirt. I, as well, am wearing skirt too. So, I think he wants the guy beside me to get pitied with her and let her sit on his seat. Then, the driver said, "Dito oh, sa likod ko" (You may sit here at the back) and she insisted to sit at the main seat and she went to the tricycle behind us. The driver asked, "Miss, ayaw mo dito umupo?" (Miss, don't you like to sit here?) and she replied that, she is wearing a skirt with "LIKE DUH" on her face. Then, the guy beside me gave the seat to her and said that he'll be the one to sit at the back. Then she sat beside me. Whew. I really don't know why there girls who happen to insist something in satisfaction of their own, knowing that it's much better to have (for example) a guy who'll happen to volunteer and give a seat without even telling him. 

I entered the room at exactly 9am. Good thing, cafe meeting will be held at 9am. But the meeting was I guess canceled because our past ECON prof, my favorite, went to our class and told us that our professor who happened to replace him went AWOL. (Absence without official leave) I was so happy because he's my favorite, I really want his way of teaching because he's strict and he always have this recitation type before, during and after lecture to make sure that we read and understand past and lately discussed topics. Yay, challenging. He talked about our schedule and discussed the Law of Supply and Demand. English, went afterwards, happy again to see that our prof's co-faculty loved our funny invitation. Then, MIS came next after break time, and my prof was really scaring me since I was so talkative and was not able to answer his case study questions :'( My answer will just a smile. ♥ (Pa-cute, I know) :)) He asked me my scholarship's grade conditions, I answered that I must not have a grade below 2.25 and I did not experienced having grades below 2.0. Haha! He was shocked I am telling you. My grades were 1.0-2.0 only during my first year. (I am not bragging about it though, I am just showing you guys the real effect of hard work) He was telling me that I will be getting 1.0 or 3.0 ONLY from him. 3.0 is a passing grade. OMG, I told him that I'll do my best to get that 1.0! HAHAHAHA! Accounting came, and I did not understood any of the closing entries. Bow. Last period was supposed to be Marketing, but prof did not showed cos she's absent? Poor marketing products. It'll be spoiled. :( Anyhow, It was a good news for me because the empanada I made was a bit failed because I forgot to add something. And yes, I will be able to go home early because class ends every friday at 7:30pm. Before, going home my blockmate asked me to go with him at the cafe to check the place. Yes, dining work for the FINALS! Good luck to us. ♥ Good Vibes!

So, I guess. This was a whole bunch of my day. ♥

Happy 1st of September ♥

It's September 1st today here in PH and I must say, I am both in good and bad luck. How come? Let's start everything with the negative one. *Whew!*

  • While I was eating my breakfast in our car, (Moving, yes) the gravy spilled onto the bottom part of my PE jogging pants. Major boo-hoo!
  • I don't know what to do with my pre-made Marketing product. </3 Since, I already made it and I think it won't be able to stay up until tomorrow. So yeah, whatever.
  • My bank account went asdfghjkl. No moolah :'(
  • Supposed to go to SM but when I was about to move out the college building of PUP Main, the rain fell hard. 
  • Momma called Daddy and said that my dog Coco is not eating after my mum shouted at him and told him that he have no food to eat anymore. Mum said he just laid on his bed after that and never ate his AM snack. When lunch came, he didn't asked for food, he just waited for the rice bits that are falling from my baby cousin's lunch ):
  • Daddy gave me money for my business. At last, I will be opening my new shop called "Steal the Scene" where I will display fab clothes and accessories. ♥
  • PE went super cranky. We played "Concentration" and I had fun; Evaluated our student teachers and got some chika with my friends.
  • I saw that my Dining Staffs are cooperating with me and kept on proposing different designs for the upcoming function.
  • Chatted with BBM friend who'll help me with the business' advertising and in return, I'll guide her with the pre-ordered abroad items. ♥ 
  • Will be buying Royal Canin Dermacomfort for my baby Shih Tzu :-)
So, I'll be going home already. It's past 5 in the afternoon and I have to do some important school thang. Yay, enough said. KBye, lovies! :">