December 1: Certified MIA!

I am so sorry. -____-
School, School, School and yes, School. :-"

I have been so busy with school. Although it is not that bad but I am having this guilt of not updating my blog for such a long time. K, not that long. Boo that! School is getting exaggerated with the stuffs they opt us to do, submit and accomplish. Yet, with all hard work and effort I am exerting on every task, I feel so blessed that I was able to finish everything, as in everything. (Except learning how to breathe with that freestyle swimming)

By the way, today is already the 1st of December which means "There's only 24 days to go before Christmas" I am very happy for the fact that I will be celebrating Christmas with my family again, attend the "Simbang Gabi", eat holiday delicacies and receive gift. On the latter part, I am getting this bad vibes that I'll be receiving less gifts </3 Since I am growing old -___-# (Lol). I'll be spending this good amount of money for the gifts I'll be giving for my friends..... and also to my god-daughter/son. Well, that's fine. It's once every year so why not give, share rather than receive and receive right? It's the essence of Christmas, anyway. 

UPDATE: I am having this themed blog posts starting todayyyyyy! :-)

It's getting rainy here on our place and I really do not have any assumptions about it. So that's it for my update and I hope to gather enough time to have my blog updated regularly. 

See you on my next blog post everybody!
Happy Holidays!

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1115-2111: Long Update!

November 15, 2011: 
Had our first ever swimming class. This is our last PE for college. Yeay for that. There will be no more strenuous and body sweating activities afterwards. That's good news for me. I am no sporty and I hate being haggard and tired looking. After Swimming, we had Front Office Procedures & Housekeeping which I don't consider  interesting, although it was supposed to be one. In between of the two subjects, Mara tagged me along to the meeting of HMS, an organization of our college, which stands for Hospitality Management Society. I even forgot that I was the coordinator of our section. Boo, Apol :'>

November 16, 2011:
My grandmomma's birthday. ♥ But she stays at the province, so my dad (through cellphone) greeted her for me. Nothing fancy this day, except that we are able to meet our Cultural Anthropology professor! We're so much happy that he was this guy you can giggle and crack jokes with. He looks good, as well. His words are really interesting and more of an intellectual thoughts. I am good with him.

November 17, 2011:
Our 22nd monthsary. We was not able to date even though I do not have class, but still he has his own, so I prefer not to date anymore. Simple SMS is a huge thing for me. I do not need roses and dinners, I only need a greeting and words of appreciation on how our love has gone and see the outcome of our pain and sacrifices.

November 18, 2011:
The most awaited day of almost all Filipinos, the showing of Breaking Dawn. I am not really a fan of the Twilight Saga, that's why I find them weird when I saw FB status and Tweets about Breaking Dawn. Whatever. Am I that cheap? Or I just know what to appreciate? Haha =)) 

Anyhow, we made Sugar Flowers for our Dessert Merchandising. I never thought that it is that easy. You know Sugar Flowers? The candy decoration of the cake, where kiddo fight starts when her playmate got the pink one and you got the blue or when you was not able to get one. All you need are; 3 Egg Whites, 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar and 450g of Confectioner's sugar. Since I already know how to make one, I will make as many as I can to get back the stolen pink sugar flowers from my childhood. 

November 19, 2011:
My cousin's birthday. She's already on her 7th year. Yay! She's my kikay cousin, who happened to idolize me. K, whatever. I was supposed to go to World Trade Center but I was so busy with school. :T I went to my Daddy's office to study Cultural Anthropology, some of my Finance reviewer and Human Behavior Organization's Chapters 1 and 2. But in the end, the first subject professor which was our Anthro was the only one who showed up. How about my effort? ): 

After that we went to Pansol, Calamba, Laguna to attend a mini gathering for my Tita and Cousin's departure who will go back to Canada on the 22nd (tomorrow) and my cousin's birthday as well. The place was nice yet very creepy. O.O I swam and swam until I had no more muscular strength and faced the videoke afterwards. By the way, on the way to Pansol, I was with my Dad, Mom, Sister and Sister's Boyfriend. 

November 20, 2011:
Still at Pansol. Early in the morning my baby cousin (2 years old) was crying real hard and was pointing to blank spaces saying that he's afraid of ghosts. O.O Creepy. He will just point from nowhere and cry. What we did was we prayed the rosary to help him have a good sleep, which was really effective. Thank God! At 6am, we rode my tita's Innova on the way to Los Banos, Laguna to catch the early mass. We attended the Feast of Christ The King at the San Antonio de Padua Parish. The ambiance was nice, but a little sweaty. But It's okay, because it's for our Lord. ☺ 

On the way back to Pansol, we dropped off at "The Original" where you can buy quality and best Buko Pies in town, in different fillings as well. YumYum! :)) Then went back to the private resort to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I did her make-up and hair. She's so pretty. I slept the remaining hours and at 2pm, we left the resort and found out that my Blackberry's keypad was broken. :T

November 21, 2011:
Just stayed here at our house, no classes eh. Still waiting for my baby's text. I have here fish balls & cheese sticks from my cousin who was so generous to give me these snacks. K, I'll prepare my Swimming things for tomorrow and after-class thingys, as well as wait for my Tita, Cousin, Tito and Lola from Tarlac. Because as I have said earlier, my cousin and tita will be going back to Canada tomorrow (early in the morning) and will be staying here overnight.

Pictures will be uploaded on a separate post. Ooh, It's long. Anyway, have a great day guys! :-))

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Lemme first say THANK YOU to Nadine Natalin for the invitation to your giveaway ♥

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Here I am again, trying my luck with my ever-so-beautiful blogging inspiration's giveaway, Ms. Ann Luyun! Yeheey! ♥ You can find the link to her giveaway here: :-) She was so kind enough to give fab prizes to one lucky winner. (*crossfingers!*) By the way, aside from thanking Ms. Ann for the giveaway, I would like to congratulate her on becoming the new ambassadress of LuLu Make-up. ♥ You deserve it! 


Sorry for becoming super MIA! -___- But I swear to give product reviews and hauls from my recent shopping purchase. Yeay! I am so excited. K, Off to school now. :-) Kbye! :*

No siggie today. I am here at my Daddy's office. Too bad! :-"

My entry to a big GIVEAWAY! ♥

Yay, the title says it all -- This is my entry to Ms. Char also known as Yellow Yum's Birthday Giveaway! ♥

 So the photo that really makes me say "Aww" and think of really happy moments and experience is my 18th Birthday collage..

Why? My friends, boyfriend and classmates came. ♥ We celebrated my birthday and enjoyed the night. This may not be repeated or whut, but the experience I had with them will remain in my memory and especially, in my heart :-)

Thank you, Ms. Char for having this giveaway. You really inspire me and the other bloggers with your kindness and knowledge being shared through your posts & videos. Thank you again and Happy Birthday! :-)

UPDATE: Header and Signature ♥

Yehey, I found time to update my header image + signature. 

Thank you so much Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photoscape for being so good while I am 
editing, re-sizing and cropping. ♥ 

Thank you Google for the images. 

Thank you God for my creativity. =))

111411: Happy 21st Anniversary to the best-est couple on earth ♥

You will not be able to make up a family without a pair whom will take sacrifice just to give your needs and take away their joyous moments with their friends, just to satisfy yours. I am so glad that I have these two people, who I can really call my "Papa" and "Mama"

My Papa or Daddy yo is my best friend. He knows my secrets and he laughs with me all the time. Everytime I am sad, he will always be a text away. He never failed to make me feel that I am not alone. Maybe I do not deserve a good father, but he makes me feel that I am worth to have him - as a guide, as my mentor and as my father. He is not great, because he is the best.

My Mama is my idol. She sacrificed so much just to take care of me and my sister. She went to different obstacles in life that made her strong and complete. We have the same personality, as my papa said, that is why we argue on little things so much. We have the same stand, pride and beliefs. If we have misunderstanding, it will be because of: "I want to believe that what I am saying is true" while she believes the same. Pride. But I love her to death and she'll be the best person one can ever find. You can never find a person who made a life without someone's help :-)

After a couple of years I know I will be living on my own and have my own family. By that time, I will also know the feeling of how it is to be a parent. I will be the best for my family because of you guys. You never failed to teach me how to love and never hate, how to fight and never surrender and especially, learn from my mistakes. I won't forget my father's acronym of Family: Father, Mother, I love you! I thank God for giving me the best parents in the whole wide world.

I love you, Mama and Papa ♥

Xx, Apol :*

1112-1311: My weekend

I spent my Saturday afternoon at school. Expected class; Anthropology, Finance and Human Behavior and yet Anthro professor didn't showed up again. *Whutthe* But it's okay, we had this fun time reviewing for the next two subjects + "Best love song" sound trip. ☺ So happy that I have to giggle with the best-est people on earth: my college friends. After school, I went to my Daddy's office and saw my three little cousins there ♥ We fetched my sister at LRT2- Santolan station and went home safely. 

Sunday was really a bad one for me. Why? I was not able to enter Padre Pio's chapel at Libis because of my dress (which I paired with a gray cardigan, but a little above the knee- length) So, the boy said that my dress was improper, so we decided to pray outside :T Hayy. Anyway, we went to Marikina instead to canvass some black shoes but I haven't found my type. My sister voluntarily said that she'd be the one to buy my black shoes. Wow, super great. :-) After that, we went to Riverbanks to eat our lunch and went home afterwards.

I played "Me and my Katamari" on my PSP and slept.

Xx, Apol :*

111111: HAPPY 11/11/11! :)

Today is ..
11 / 11 / 11
Happy triple 11 guys! ♥

Had class early this day. Thought our group will be reporting, but its super nadah. </3 But it's okay, at least I'll be able to prepare more. Btw, I made something cheesy today. I texted moi baby last 11:11am and told him so many tugstugs words! I'll take a screen cap of my text later. ♥ :-) Enjoy the rest of the day! It's now 11:11 pm :)

Xx, Apol :*

111011: Unexpected Date

11 am stroked and we decided to date. Wow. We're that cool. As if we have this neighboring houses or road-near places. But nah, he lives in the province of Batangas and me in the province of Rizal, which was a bus-ride away. But still, it made me feel cheesy *He knows whazzzzuppp!* :-))

Today's task should be; Review for my first-ever major report in Dessert Merchandising. :>

But it became nadah. We met at around two in the afternoon and had mall hopping in Cubao. Even though how tiring the long walks were, I still managed to enjoy and laugh my heart out. Every little moment spent with him was really worth the time and sacrifice. I love my baby. He's all I ever wanted. :-) We part ways at around 6:30 in the evening and now he texted me (around 10:30pm) that he already arrived at his place, safely. ♥

1108-0911: School thing


We attended our last first day of PE class, which was Swimming ♥, and met our super bubbly professor. He gave guidelines, rules and other stuff related to our class and he tend to make jokes as well. No bum, at all. After 30 minutes of meeting, we headed to Prei's boarding house to stay for approx. 3 hours for our next subject. We chitchatted about different topics and never get bored with just seating on the four corners of their dining table. I dunno. :-)) 45 minutes before our next class, we decided to walk going to our school for extra time and rest before facing a new professor who happened to be our professor for the next two subjects (next six hours, 2 different rooms). He was a General Manager of a hotel here in the Philippines and who happened to be a Duty Manager at Makati Shangrila as well. How cool? :) 


School again. Didn't met our Anthro professor for the second time. Luckily our Finance professor showed up and he is cool, as well. I sorta like his way of teaching with class participation and his way on recording recitation grades. Yay! :"> Our Human Behavior professor was present, too. She only grouped us for the report assignments and she dismissed us early. I went to my Daddy's office afterwards and we rode the LRT together. 

Two boring school days.
Nothing much happened.
It was all Kdot.

Xx, Apol :*

110711: Night Shopping

I had a very bad dream. </3 Baby and I were being separated by our mothers because baby promised to another girl a pact of forever. What the? I was crying in my dream and in the real life. (Freak-O!) But my friend said that "Dreams are the reciprocal of the reality" -- I'll be living to her words.

Woke up at 9:30 am and watched "50 first dates". It was my first time to see that movie and it made me remember of my all-time favorite "The Notebook" ♥ It's so good to see that there are people who risk their lives in order to let their partner remember their past. It may never be permanent, but the time her memory goes back is the real reward of his sacrifice. I am really touched! :-)

Nothing much happened. By 4pm we went to Robinson's Metro East to grab Dinner at Chow king and passed by my dog's veterinarian for his food. At Chow king, I ordered their meal (Pork Chao Fan + Siomai + Iced Tea) which was worth PhP 79.00 ONLY! && It's really yummy. I even ordered from the Mango-ong stand their Carabao Mango + their spiciest Bagoong (In english, Shrimp paste) which was PhP 20.00. So, I loved it. I am so full up until now.

I went to Book Sale to check out Food Magazines and I ended up buying two books which are;

Good deal right? For onlp PhP 290.00, I bought two useful books for my major subject. :-)

Okay, so I am now eating oranges and Magic Pops for evening snack. Text with my baby again, up until midnight. Happppppppppy! That's all for now. ♥

Xx, Apol :*


It's the trend. Check out how people sees you. :-)

110611: Enormous Apol

Today's Sunday and I missed the mass :'( Sorry Lord. Will make it up to you later before I go to sleep ♥ All I did was eat, eat and eat. Staying at home means splurging loads of non-dietary foods and unhealthy goodies. I ate too much rice, too much Menudo, a slice of pizza and too much sweets; cake from Red Ribbon (a treat from my sister), Toblerone in Black and Skittles. I can feel those fats and sugar sinking on my body which makes me feel bad. Now, I promised not to eat dinner starting today. 

By the way, we had our house repainted today. Our living room's walls were colored Baby Blue and it's corners are in Baby Pink. What the freak, right? So cute. I suggested it. (Now you know the reason behind it. *Winks*) Nothing much happened today. I just texted with my baby and faced the computer. So productive. Momma and Daddy are at a friend's house today, chilling. Yay! Sister and I in the house, yo. (Plus, Coco). K, I'll be finishing the movie I paused a while ago and it's everybody's favorite; "One More Chance" by Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. KBye! :-)

Xx, Apol :*

110511: Second Day of School

So yeah, it's such a boring day today. -_- Why? On our schedule, it is stated that our class will start at 1:30 in the afternoon and ends at 6:00pm. I hate it. I hate travelling everytime the sun is at its peak. So sunny, so darkening, so sweaty which makes me so haggard before I reach my school. Yeah, I have to walk down from our Antipolo-yeah-super-high-street to reach the waiting area for jeepneys -- to ride one going to Santolan station where I'll be waiting for a train to Pureza Station and walk again to reach my school. (It's walking distance - about 5 minutes walk). 

I woke up at 8:30am to eat my breakfast, arrange my school things, take a bath, do my usual routine, put on my uniform and make-up, feed my dog and clean some stuffs. I finished everything in two hours - 10:30am. At exactly 11:15am, I decided to walk down our street so that I won't be late for my 1:30pm class. I am super time conscious, you know. It's better to be early than to be late. I arrived at 12:35pm in Pureza station, so I thought of staying at Ministop near our school. I bought a bottled water and jotted notes on my planner. 1pm stroked and I rushed myself to our class room (HR-307) but it is still locked and have to wait for the janitor to open it. Good thing was, my early-bird-classmates were there, as well, to join the waiting blah. But since I found my HS friend (same course, different section), we chitchatted for a while. A couple of minutes had passed, the door was already open so we had our seats and waited for our Anthro prof who didn't showed up. Waited for another 1 and 1/2 hours for our Major prof who didn't showed up as well. Our president distributed our registration cards which did not include mine so it's super FAIL, indeed Waited for another 1 and 1/2 hours for our last professor for the day who luckily showed up. She's nice, cute and young. I hope everything will be good  from her lectures to our grades this semester. Plus, she seems to give nice grades -- I am hoping for a good grade in Human Behavior in Organizations. :-)

She dismissed us at 5:30pm and I, along with Inah and Jillian, walked up to the LRT station to have a train, but I was the one who got the train first since I met with Daddy and my Psych professor, who happened to be his friend, and my friends were still buying tickets. -___- I bade goodbye to them, instead.

7:30pm, already here at our house. Changed my clothes, ate my dinner and now blog about what happened earlier. Yay. So basically, that's everything. Not so catchy. :| 

Xx, Apol :*

110411: First day of Second Semester

And yes, they greeted me with those words. They said that I really look good on my black hair tho. So I think, I made the right choice. I even heard that I looked so nice in it. So whatever. :-))

 So, you are free to drop some comments with my 
BEFORE (Light Golden Brown hair + Make-up) and my AFTER (Black hair + No Make-up) 

Today, was really a light one. We only had one class (but for 6 straight hours). It's the major subject; "Dessert Merchandising" Our professor grouped us for our reporting + laboratory activities, gave us a copy of the syllabus and discussed about the background of the subject. I bet it will be super interesting because we'll be making cakes, cookies and other dessert varieties. That's hella good!~ 

Our class was over at around 10:30am, attended the First Friday Mass afterwards and head home. Arrived here at 12:13pm. Fast!! I ate my brunch, checked my Facebook + Youtube and slept. Now I am wide awake, I really do not know what to do next. Khehe, I'll be reading some of my reporting topics insteaaad! 

Xx, Apol :*

110311: SM Mall of Asia and DFA

The thing I hate the most when I was about to go out from my house to go to a far place was RAIN. </3 It was quite rainy this day and I have to go to DFA in Pasay to meet up with my Baby and his cousin. As I was getting ready with my dress for the day, rain poured hard but it didn't stopped me on going to Pasay. I traveled for an hour and a half riding a jeepney from Antipolo to Cubao - walked to EDSA - rode a bus with the route "MIA 611 Tambo". I got off the bus and saw baby instantly. He was chilling at Shell, a gas station, in front of DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) :-)) 

Hungry me decided to force my baby to roam around the station to find a not so crowded restaurant but we failed to find one. All restaurants are crowded with very long lines in every counter. So we decided to walk to Mall of Asia. (Yes, we walked. That's how close-fisted we are). I enjoy our long walks -- every time we are at a new place or when we are in the mood to see views and stuff. We headed to Mang Inasal to eat. As usual, he was the one who ordered. So he got me the Unlimited rice + Chicken meal + Large Pineapple Juice (my favorite) and he got Spaghetti + drinks ONLY. He knew what I like, he knows everything about me. ♥ After eating, we headed to Seaside to talk and sit near the bay. The sweetest word from him today; "Sana ganito na lang tayo lagi" (I wish we'll always stay the same):-) 

We did all those things while waiting for his cousin, who is processing his passport, and while waiting for his text, I decided to buy my school stuff since tomorrow will be my first day of second semester!! I got a cute filler for my binder and a yellow pad paper. While searching for the cutest filler, Baby distracted me with a weird move that made me lose my hand's grip and my Blackberry 8900 fell off my hand. I was just staring at it, looked at Baby's eyes and asked him to pick up my Blackberry-turned-into-pieces. He arranged it and *boom* after its automatic start my phone stuck up in its loading process. My heart was shattered into pieces, as well. </////3

After paying for my school stuffs, we went to DFA again for his cousin. We rode a muticab back to DFA to meet his cousin who is heading to the main office of DFA. Again, we rode a multicab heading to Paranaque and walked a few blocks to reach an old building which was claimed to be the DFA main office. But me and my baby had this bad vibes with the place, so blah! Anyway, it was a 15-minute process only so he was able to finish his stuff in such a fast pace. We walked again and went up on a footbridge and there's this crazy lady who's saying bad words and blah, I was so scared that I do not want to look back. But as we head down the stairs baby looked from afar and saw this lady, still staring right onto us. And it is still giving me the creeps. O.O

We walked to the other side of the street to reach the public transportation vehicles to Buendia to drop off Baby's cousin. We bade our goodbyes to him because we (me and baby) are going to the Mall of Asia again to get a bus heading to Cubao Ibabaw. We got a bus and had an approx. 2 hours travel because of the heavy rain + traffic. Boo that. At exactly 6:30 pm, we got off and walked our way to Gateway's comfort room. Yay! After that, I kissed baby goodbye and met my Daddy who is waiting for me at Gateway ATM Center with a bag of Goldilocks goodies!! Still had long hours of travel from Cubao to Antipolo. Waited for 45 minutes for the second shuttle to Antipolo since it was traffic and rainy. The time I sat on the shuttle's seat, I slept. Woooow, tired! :)

Today was really a loooooong day. Yet, I had so much fun. I hope to see my baby SOON, cos I am missing him every single day. :'( Boo-hoo. Anyway, this text ends my post; "Baby, here na ako sa Lipa. Nakarating naman ng safe!"  (Baby, I am already here at Lipa and was able to arrive safely)♥  :)

Xx, Apol :*

110111: Happy Halloween!

So, today's Halloween, All Saint's Day, November 1st. 
Yes, take your pick. It's all the same, by the way. 

My family and I spent half of the day in Lipa, Batangas, my mum's birth place. I woke up at around 5:30ish in the morning because I was too lazy to get up since I slept late the night before. I quickly ran into the bath room and did my routine. We left the house before 7 am. As we reached our first pit stop; I ran to Starbucks to buy myself a Mango Passion Fruit Juice Drink for breakfast and it made me feel better, active and kicking. Energy drink, is it?! Whatever. After a few more minutes of drive we stop at the cemetery near the house visit my mother's sister (my aunt) and his father (my grandfather) at the cemetery. We lit candles and left flowers for them. I effin miss them foreal :( It's the first November 1 we visited two close relatives at the same time ): Then we brought barbeque afterwards.

As we arrived to our ancestral house, we ate our late breakfast and had some joyous conversation with my aunt, uncle and cousins! I really enjoy having loooong, funny talks with them. By the way, we brought Coco along with us. Yay! But time stopped when we had to go since the rain will start to pour and my Dad finds hard driving when raining. </3 So we exchange our goodbyes and "see you soon's" :) The down side of the trip was I wasn't able to see my boyfriend which was three blocks away from the house. How sad, really :( Even a glimpse! What the? Anyway, we'll see each other on the 3rd. All good. ♥ 

Me and my cousin, Kuya Jay! ♥

Me and my older sister, Ate Paw!! ♥

Me and my pretty cousin, Lyka! ♥
Before going back home, we ended up stopping near our village market to eat lunch. I had this Arroz Caldo (Porridge with Chicken) which was really unsatisfying. Why? It tastes burnt. Maybe it's because of the reheating process. I didn't finish it and not even bother to order again, even if my Dad is asking me to buy for another. Home sweet home after eating, I checked my facebook, took pictures of my recent haul and slept. Life! :-)

Xx, Apol :*

HAUL: From Canada with Love ♥

So my aunt and her family came home from Canada and brought some really good stuff! One is my new PSP (also known as PlayStation Portable) in Red and Black. I didn't got the chance to take a snap of it but I saw one in Google, and this is how it looks like..
Image courtesy of Google Images :)
So how cool was that? I was really surprised to have it as a "pasalubong" (even though I am old enough for this stuff) but I am really thankful for this gift. It's now jam packed of games & RNB songs. ♥

Going to the make-up thang. She gave me Estee Lauder cosmetics!! How sweet of her. She knows my love for make-up and my kikay side. All of my relatives are really aware of my likes and interests in terms of those girly-girl things.

 (1) George Dangling Earrings 9/10
This one is so fab, cute and classy at the same time. It lengthens the shape of my face, literally. You can really tell that my face is round (I admit it). But when I tried this thing on, it was like whoa! It gives this great effect on improving one's appearance. The only CON for this earrings is that, the back of it sticks to my hair or at the cloth of my dress making it hard to remove. 

True, huh? :)
(2) Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara 8/10
My first impression; "Cute, It's so small and handy" :) At first, I really don't know if I'll be using this baby mascara for I thought it won't give this nice finish and be able to achieve those PROMISING words BUT, trying this mascara proved me wrong. It gave its very promising label effect and made the color of my lashes really dark and bold. I was really surprised. The only thing that I hate with it was its wand, as you can see on the second picture. It is so short, I feel that it is already touching my face while applying it. :-"

(3) Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Paradise Shimmer 6/10
It tastes great, smells like candy and shimmery BUT, it is very sticky. (Super sticky!) I won't try applying it again to my lips alone (meaning without a matte lipstick or balm as base) because it feels so heavy (and irritating) and after few seconds, I can see myself looking for tissue and removing the applied product. :'(  

(4) Estee Lauder New Pure Color Lipstick 10/10 (Rated thru physical appearance)
The time it was handed to me, I hugged it. (SWEAR!) I dunno, but I have this love for lipstick or eyeshadow book of colors. I am huge fan of those things because, I find it AWZM and fab owning one. (My opinion, Baby) ♥ To be honest, I haven't tried this book yet because it is sealed. You can guarantee its freshness. HAHA! Funny term. Anyhoo =))

Out of the cover (Front)
Out of the cover (Back)

So those are the lovely things my aunt gave me. There is this Nine West Black Pumps along with these cosmetics and earrings, but I was not able to take a picture of it. <//3 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this stuff. See you on my next haul. :-)

Xx, Apol :*

I am not sponsored or paid to do this review. The written information are based on my 100% opinion based on how I used and saw the products.