Fab Beau Lusst: "Branded Makeups affordable to all" ♥

February 06, 2013 is either a normal, boring or fun-filled day to someone.. 
But for me, I consider it as "Genesis" or "The Beginning"

I was, at that time, working on with my votes or likes to win a contest in Facebook. The prize at stake was a very pretty makeup palette which was really a dream of mine to have, hold and own. So I decided to push my ass and sent private messages to all of my friends to like my comment and blah blah. It was never in my mind that someone will browse my videos, think of the things that I really need and tell me that she might sponsor my videos. I felt like angels are blowing their trumpets on my ears and the cold breeze from heaven filled my room. Isn't she the sweetest? Well tell me! I know everyone would agree ;)

I think, this is turning to be a Thank-You-Like-Yeah-Sorta-Blog-Post, but who cares? I just want to brag and tell the world how lucky I am to have her ;) Just so you know, she will become a huge part of my growing YouTube career and my future make-up gigs! I think every single time I will be using those things she gave me, I will be having a huge smile on my face while reliving that very moment she came and offered some love to my career. ♥

Oh, by the way. I won the giveaway. I got the make-up palette I really want plus the cool thing was.. she asked me to pick a brush of my choice. I felt like dying from extreme happiness while chatting with her. I told ya, she's the kindest and sweetest girl you'll ever meet. (Plus, she's really pretty!) 

If you want to check her very affordable products, just click the heart  :) I bet you, too, will love and drool over her items. PS: I am not kidding. 

A never ending THANK YOU for these babies, Sis! ♥ I love everything. I can't stop looking at them and  You really are the best. I promise that I'll do good on my YouTube career as a gift for you and your kindness. See you again, Okay? We'll chill, laugh and share maldita chikas again. Haha! :))

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