First day of Sophomore year. ♥

Yesterday was my first day as a sophomore. :> YAY! Time flies. 2 college years to go and I am up for my graduation and career. ♥

Mkay, So fast forward. School went fine, though it rained a couple of times, we just boo-d the BV instead. It's so damn good to see my Bebes again. (Btw, I call my close girl friends "bebe"). We talked, laughed and stand by at our favorite place, Ministop! Yes, It's close to our campus. After hanging out, we went to our class room since we're late for our first subject. (BOO, again) We met our Economics, English and MIS professors. 3 out 4 actually. Last subject must be our Accounting, but the prof didn't showed up. Early dismissal, I guess.

Economics was good. I found the professor and the subject challenging. He told us, he always give points for recitation and penalty for not being able to answer his questions. Whoa! That's tough. Because of him, I became more eager to read in advance and show to our class the best shot I have. We were asked to introduce ourselves and mine goes this way..

"Hi! Good Morning, I am Apol Marie V. Duque, 17, from Antipolo City. I am fond of watching video blogs and reading make up and beauty related blogs over the internet. Aside from that, I love involving myself to community service and blahhhhs..."

My professor asked me, "Why not go to a fashion school instead? You look great as well" I replied, "EHHH. AJHSJHGDBNBAGG!" I went gaga over his words.


English was next. Our professor is a fresh graduate of the same school I am going to. She's a bit shy and not very outspoken, but she's cool. She hangs with us well, laugh to our jokes and such. Again, we were asked to introduce ourselves, I repeated my words and my professor said..

"Who's your favorite make-up guru?" I replied, "Say Artillero! She's good and fab!" She said, "OH, INDEED! Do you know Michelle Phan and Promise Phan?" I replied again, "YES, They're sisters right? They're great!" Then my classmates said, "SIGE, SIGE. Kayo lang nagkakaintindihan" HAHAHA! ;))

I love my professor to death! She shares the same interest I have. :> YAY for her. I will be loving English more than much this semester.

Management Information System or MIS was our last subject. The professor was calm, soft spoken and he seemed to be nice and very understanding. He even recapped our past lessons for Intro to ICT since we have not learned anything from our prof last, last sem.

My sister said when I asked her if she knows my MIS prof, she said.. "INGAT KAYO. NAMBABAGSAK YUN!" I was in shock. 123, dead.

Btw, I bought a pre-loved black peep toe shoes from my classmate, Mara. It's nice and fab. But it doesnt fit me well. It's 7 1/2, I am only size 7. Too bad. But I got it still, I love it eh. I'll post the picture some other time.

Oh well. I am done making our seat plan for economics and research for MIS. I just have to stick my notes unto my notebook and master it for the recitation. I have to read my Economics syllabus too. (You know how much I am challenged by my professor right?) So there, have a great day. I'll see you soon. :*

I roll up, I roll up!~

Yay. Just another day of being a bum! Shut up. It's the last weekend of our vacay. (and I am sad) No more late night text and calls, facebook forever up until morning, movie marathon all day everyday. I'll miss you vacation, I swear! :(

Enough said. By the way, I am loving Wiz Khalifa's Roll Up since the day I heard that effin song. How would you not like a damn, sweet RNB song? YAY! Wiz Kalifa is the bombbbb! :-bd

Whenever you need me
Whenever want me,
You know you can call me, I’ll be there shortly
Don’t care what your friends say, cause they dont know me
I can be your best friend, and you be my homie
I aint gonna flex, I’m not gonna front
You know if I ball, then we all gonna stunt
Send her my way, she aint gotta hold up
Whenever you call baby I roll up, I roll up, I roll up
Whenever you call baby I roll up, I roll up, I roll up
Whenever you call baby I roll up

I am obsessed with this song. Why oh why? Why? Why?
Stop. I roll up, I roll up. #Singing! I am too much.
Who the hell cares anyway? It's moi life and I'll roll up ♥

Okay. As for my life's update. I slept at exactly 7 in the morning. Yes, foreal. I asked my baby to add me on Skype so that he'll be able to see me and lessen his agony of being away from me. (Charooot!) But we ended up having a video call at Y!M instead. But life is so unfair that our PC's webcam is not working. Hell Yeah. I found an alternative anyway! I used my sister's iTouch and used it's Y!M app just to have that video call with my baby. And Yes, we chatted and goofed around the cam. I missed him more :'( BLAH!

I got up at around 3 in the afternoon and immediately ate my brunch + snack. All in one, actually. That's the effect of sleeping so early! (Why? 7 in the morning is early!) I took a bath afterwards and played Book Worm with my cousin's PC. Good thing we're at the second book of the game! (YEY, PROGRESS!) That's all because of me, Babe. :)

I am done eating my dinner which I may say is indeed heavy. :( I love Adobo, eh. Can't resist it. Swear to God! :> Okay. Got to go!


For the mean time..

Hello! I am so back. I wasn't able to update this stuff regarding my workout and other life blahs. Mkay, so I'll just make a few hurrah about moi life. ♥

We went to Cubao and wait for my Mama since she went to Batangas to meet with her High School classmates for their reunion. Ye-hes! Gumaganon pa sila. HAHA! Sila na! After a few hours of being a "certified tambay" at Farmers Cubao, we ate at Tapsi ni Vivian at Marikina. Hellyeah, YUMMY foods indeed. We ordered our all-time favorite Bulalo and other good stuffs for added fats and calories. My bad, I know.

Oh hey && by the way.. my sister and I started doing this workout called "Tae Bo" Yes. It sheds off those itsy bitsy scary stored fats you are carrying all day long. At first, yes it is indeed tiring but as you go along and master the routine.. you'll get used to it, SWEAR! All you can say is, *BOO! So easy* (Yes, I am that Ms. Yabang. HAHA!)

So, I have to update this as soon as possible. I don't want to hang everything. So hold on, take a deep breath and Buh- Bye. :*


Apol :)