Journey to the Avon Makeup Council ♥

Joining contests is  really not my thing. For me, the chance of winning is so little and my skills are not that worthy to pass as a winner. But who knows that trying and moving a foot forward became part of my life dictionary?

Looking back almost a month ago (exactly July 26, 2013), I saw a tweet from a blogger that she tried her luck on joining this Avon Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge. Curious as I was, I clicked the link and saw the mechanics. I don't know what I was thinking that time, all I knew was that I filled all the necessary information needed, which include links of a makeup tutorial and a blog post, and clicked submit. 

August 7, 2013: Good News! 

From then on, I forgot that I joined and seemed like I got this memory sickness and never thought that after my Rizal class that I would receive a call from Ms. Mara of Avon Philippines saying that I am part of the semi-finalists of the Blogger Challenge, and they are inviting me to go to the briefing the next day to get our kits that we will be using for the main challenge or the last phase. 

I, then, saw myself screaming and jumping due to extreme happiness and excitement during the phone call. I immediately registered for a 1-day mobile surf and went to the Avon Philippines facebook page and it was LEGIT, I am part of it. *Hooraaaay!* Yes, I bet you know it already, I shared it to my friends right away.

August 8, 2013: The Briefing

The briefing was at Makati, 6pm. I tagged my sister along and left the house around 2PM since we will be coming from Antipolo. We arrived at Ayala Triangle around 4pm and decided to eat our early dinner at Bon Chon. After eating, we went straight ahead to the main office. Upon entering the building, I was really nervous since I don't have any ID with me. I forgot to bring one. I just showed my school name plate and luckily, the security guard was kind enough to let me in. From the entrance, I already saw another semi-finalist, Kaela of and got to know each other as we were led by another security guard to the main office. Oh, we also shared one guest ID since I forgot my own ID and have nothing to surrender. *Teehee!* 

It was 5:30 that time when we entered their meeting or board room and got to know Ms. Mara and Ces, who were really accommodating and super nice. Few minutes before the briefing, more bloggers are coming in and had a little talk with them, exchanged links and all that good stuff. 

The briefing went really fast, 30 minutes (I guess!). We were informed with the do's and don't's, deadlines and more stuff we must look forward to. The last part would be signing the agreement and getting our kits. 

After leaving the room, I then saw more bloggers, took pictures and decided to leave Makati through the busy MRT station. Wow. Best thing to end the night. *Kidding!

August 9, 2013: The Makeup Look

I decided to create a makeup look that will serve as my final entry to the Blogger Challenge. I filmed for less than an hour and had good time with the family afterwards. I edited it around 8pm, finished around 1am, but still in need of some minor editing and voice over. I left it undone and slept, since I got school in the morning.

August 10, 2013: Panic Attack

It was a loooong school day that I reached Antipolo around 10pm. I quickly ate my super late dinner and re-read the email about the blogger challenge and surprisingly, the deadline of entries would be August 11, 2013, 12am. WOW! O.O My eyes went super huge, mind's blacked out and heart's pumping like cray. I hit the computer, crying and in panic, recorded my voice and quickly edited my video. Rendering my video took a while that it was already 11pm. I thought I won't be able to make it on time, since I need to upload it on YouTube and it will take some more time. While it was uploading, I sent the link, closed my eyes and wished for the best. 

August 11, 2013: Mixed Emotions

Eyes opened at 3am and saw that my video was already uploaded. I clicked my Gmail app on my phone and saw an email saying that they received my entry! I felt like crying, since I thought I won't be able to hit the deadline. I, then, slept again and woke up around 9ish. Went straight to YouTube, read the comments that my video was broken. My face was pixelated on some parts and the color was not that good. Crying myself out, feeling hopeless and dying. But I thought of one good move, what if I try sending an email saying that I will be sending a new link for my entry since it was not really my fault. It was YouTube, actually. I waited and waited. *voila* I received a positive reply, quickly re-uploaded my video, shrinking it to the lowest format possible and sent it back to Avon. 

Watch my video entry here:

We hit the road, went to Riverbanks to eat dinner. The past few days was really stressful that my body gave up and all I knew was that I am chilling, my bones are starting to hurt and I am scorching hot. Fever attack! Good thing my mum was able to get some meds and it just went by leaving my body with no trace of sickness, though I am still coughing my lungs out.

August 12-17, 2013: Nonstop chatting and sharing

The start of the online voting. Seeing myself reached this far was really unbelievable. I guess, I was able to talk and have some mini chat with my facebook friends just to get votes. Hard time, it was. But totally worth it. I really want to thank my friends who took time to share my entry with their friends and helped me with this contest. The number of votes went high quickly and I remember being on the Top 3. Happy, happy, happy! I was really touched with the support that I received from my family and especially my boyfriend who never failed to leave my votes hanging. Love you to bits, Baby :*

OH, that was the best monthsary gift ever. 
August 17 - we celebrated our 3 years and 7 months of being awesome together 

August 19, 2013: The day my life was changed

This was the day I told myself that, I just have to believe, trust myself and wait for the right time to come. My dream, my everything, here it is! I have it NOW! I cannot believe it, it was surreal and too good to be true. Around 2 in the afternoon, I received a text message that I was "IN" and now part of the Avon Makeup Council. I want to scream out loud and fly across the skies. I never thought God would give me this early birthday present, but he did. 

August 22, 2013: The Official Announcement

YEAH! So today, they already sent out the workshop invitation and posted on their official facebook page the winners of the blogger challenge or the Avon Makeup Council. ♥ I can't explain how grateful and blessed I am right now. 

I love stars, I love how they shine and constantly twinkle every single night. With that, I somehow associate those stars with my dreams: 

Dreams are like S T A R S .
Hard and almost impossible to reach, but stars fall at the most unexpected time.
 All you have to do is wait, live and enjoy life to the fullest and keep believing!

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